Friday, November 2, 2007

Jerry's premonition

"I saw our baby for the first time last night in a dream."

"Really? What did she look like?"

"She looked like a he."

"Oh God."

"Yeah, and we totally choked and named him Fax."



"As in fax machine?"


"We should come up with a few boy names just in case, huh?"

"It's a thought."

"Although Fax is kind of growing on me ..."


Anonymous said...

Don't do it kelly, When he grows up the kids will make fun of him and yell...FAX YOU!!!!! lol. Just kidding. You'll have a beautiful baby girl.

Wendy said...

This happened to a friend. The doc said they were having a boy, we bought all sorts of stuff for a boy, she went into labor, and we finally got to meet.....Sarah! Her new daughter.

But, no, no fax. No name where kids can make fun of you at school. It's not fair to set you kid up for torture at the beginning.

Tracibobaci said...

Yeah, it's always good to have a back up name! guys are minor celebrities; it could work!

Liz said...

hey i dont no if you ever read my comments or not but i told you aboult my brothers baby he was born last night here is a picture of him

Anonymous said...

I have a friend who named her daughter Constance, after her grandmother. Since she didn't want to call her daughter Connie...the shortened version of the name became "Stance," which is almost as odd as Fax. :) So, Stance hasn't rebelled against the name yet...but she's only 4...we're giving it time.

MandyElvins said...

I'm partial to Staple. Or Pencil. And there's always Tape..

just the fax plainsman said...

Fax has just the sort of appeal to people in a panic mode! Sounds great,, no! By the time he's grown, no one will even remember what a FAX was anyway. Max? Pax? Jax? Zax?

Wait a sec. I think we all voted here it was going to be a girl.

Jerry must have gulped down too much pickle juice last night!

gorakagaz said... friend had her baby yesterday--6 weeks early. they still haven't named him because they're stuck between two names =]

Amy said...

Fax would be.... interesting. Let's hope it's a girl or your baby boy is going to have a wonderfully girly room and I'm sure many frilly dresses to wear.

Janice said...

Fax... rather catchy! :)

chelsea said...

Oh man thats funny!

julie said...

Hi Kelly! Glad to see I didn't miss the birth of the baby. (I'm still thinking it's a she though, despite Jer's premonitions.)

Just wanted you to know that the first site I went to after getting home from the honeymoon was your site. I've been dying to know how you and your little lady are doing.


Emmy said...

Fax? Oh, my! Kids can be cruel at times, even over less than just having a strange name. Why make things harder on a kid? Life is hard enough as it is! lol

Jennifer said...

Call me crazy but I sorta like the name Fax, in an odd way. Then again, my daughter's name is Yuna, so go figure

Kristin said...

Lmfao. I just laughed really hard at the anonymous comment at the beginning of the comments, lol. "Fax you!" :P


Kristin said...

Lmfao. I just laughed really hard at the anonymous comment at the beginning of the comments, lol. "Fax you!" :P


Ray said...


Take, care.

Emilee said...

Fax is pretty interesting! But the same thing actually happened to my mom. They told her that my younger brother was a girl, and they had everything set up for a girl, and a name picked out, and then when she went into labor, she had my baby brother!

Anonymous said...

Yep, same thing happened to my mom. My little "sister" Sarah Elizabeth became Zachary. Haha. He wore pink pjs for months.