Saturday, November 3, 2007

Joke's on me for being excited

About halfway through Sara Silverman's standup set, I felt grateful that I didn't have to write a review for my paper.

Because I would've panned her.

Jerry and I had been looking forward to our "last night out" as soon as we knew she was going to be in town. Despite the daily struggle that it is to exist with a full-term baby in my belly, I was actually hoping not to go into labor until after we had a chance to see her show.

Now I realize we wouldn't have missed much.

She started out strong with her casually delivered ultra offensive one-liners that fans have come to love her for. The venue was rolling through her frank discussion about how she never wants to experience natural childbirth. "You know, vagina babies." And instead hopes to one day adopt "something brown ... because otherwise you don't get any credit."

But later, after a botched attempt at strumming her guitar to what had the potential of being a very funny song about Jews who buy German cars, she gave up. Literally.

"Eh, fuck it," she said, resting her arms on top of her guitar. "I can't remember the chords."

Then she turned her attention to the can of RedBull she had placed on a nearby stool, started interacting with a few people in the front row and suddenly had the brilliant idea to invite hecklers to interrupt her whenever the mood struck.

"It'll be like a more intimate setting," she said.

But it wasn't an intimate setting. There were 3,000 people spread out in a sprawling entertainment hall, making it very hard for her and the rest of the audience to hear what exactly was being yelled.

The rest of the night continued with a scattered version of her bits, every single one cut short by her asking "What?" into the microphone and "Is that what you just said?" followed by half-assed attempts at witty banter with faceless idiots in the crowd like the douchebag who just needed to shout out a request for Sarah to sign his taint after the show. Or his equally moronic frat brother who wanted to know how long Jimmy Kimmel's penis is.


The only semi-interesting tangent was when someone asked about her joke that sparked a media frenzy after she called Britney Spears' children "adorable mistakes" during the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards. Sarah explained that there was no way Britney could've heard the jokes during rehearsal causing the singer's less-than-stellar "comeback" performance.

"When we were doing the run through, I just got up on the mic and said, 'Joke, joke, joke, joke' and walked off," she said.

And the only reason I found it interesting is because, for some stupid reason, I can't get enough of that celebrity gossip garbage. Jerry, on the other hand, was checking the clock on his cell phone.

I left with the feeling that she's tired of touring. She referenced her grueling travel schedule on more than one occasion and how she sleeps on her bus. From here she goes on to Atlantic City then to New York at Carnegie Hall, so I'm guessing she viewed central Pennsylvania as a chance to phone it in.

I'm just glad we didn't have to pay for our tickets.

Because the mumbled response to a heckler asking how she shaves her pubic hair isn't half as entertaining as her thought-out comedy routine.

Then again, I wouldn't really know. I only got a glimpse of it.


chelsea said...

Thats too bad she sucked, however it helped with today's blog!

Laura said...

ugh, i cant stand her

LeslieAnn said...

I can only stand her sometimes. I don't think her show is funny at all.

Anonymous said...

That sucked. I understand though. I remember bying tickets to a Coheed and Cambria concert and when I arrived and got seated they told everyone that the band was sick and only the lead would perform.. It was lame. You have my sympathy.

Tiffany said...

Ew I don't like her either. At least your tickets were free!

Janice said...

I'm sorry, that sucks. She's good sometimes, but others (like your situation) you're left wondering... what the hell?

Anonymous said...

What?! I went to the same show and I thought she was hilarious. Inivting questions showed how she could move quickly on her feet. Oh well, a difference of opinion.

aahcoffee said...

I can't stand her. I don't find her funny, just stupidly mean.

The plainsman said...

She can be brilliant and truly funny and other times so self indulgent and full of herself, resulting in the "show" you saw. That may be the result of success and no one to tell a person when enough is enough. Curiously, a bit like ol'Britney herself!

Ah, election day coming up fast!

Jennifer said...

I don't like Sara Silverman even on her best day. She annoys the crap outta me and her jokes are NOT funny. My husband however wholeheartly disagress as he finds her HIL-arous.

If you love celebrity gossip then I'm sure you know about right? He always has the latest and best information. Very addicting. I remembering him talking about how she did the "joke joke joke" thing after it happened.

Anwyay, 1 MORE WEEK!!! til your due date!! how exciting!

Ray said...

I'm with "Laura" I can't stand that woman!! Mostly because she talked shit about Britney and I'm a big fan. And also because if you have to talk s*&# about someone to make the audience laugh then, YOU ARE NOT FUNNY! I heard some of the jokes she said at the MTV Music Awards show and they were not funny, AT ALL.

She's a lame excuse for a comedian. Actually most comedians of today are obnoxious and not at all funny. Humor has gone to s*&# I guess, because all we have is pathetic wannabees that don't even come close to a "true" comedian. You and Jerry are more funny. But I'm sorry the show sucked.

Also, like you said at least no money was spent on the tickets.

Take, care.

P.S. I wish the baby had been born in the middle of her show, that would have probably been the highlight of it all! =)

Emmy said...

It's not surprising to me at all that she sucked. I'd sooner recommend Kathy Griffin to everyone than Silverman. Because Kathy is way better than her and would give you your money's worth.

Alexandria said...

Aww, I'm sorry it sucked! At least you didn't pay for the tickets :] I would have asked for a refund.

Kristin said...

That's horrible. I can't stand her. Her jokes are so stupid most of the time.


Marina said...

Wow. That sucks. Reminds me of when I saw a Mitch Hedberg show, shortly before he died. He was completely fucked up, even on stage. It was horrible to watch.

Anonymous said...

Thank God I wasn't the only one who was getting fed up with the guys you mentioned in your post (yeah, I was there too)... y'know, the guys with the taints and the unseemly curiosity about Kimmel's, um... length.

Personally, though, I thought the show was pretty good, aside from the lame heckling (and those people in the front row texting through both Sarah's set AND her opening act - I'm still not sure which was more rude, actually). But eh... difference of opinion, as the other anonymous poster said.