Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The power of an underwear catalog

Today I actually worked up the nerve to flip through the big sparkly Victoria's Secret Christmas catalog I got in the mail a few weeks ago. And although a small part of me wanted to cry as I wondered whether I'll ever have my pre-pregnant body back, it turned out to be a bit inspiring, too. Not in the traditional "this girl is a genetic freak so I'm going to starve myself in hopes of looking just like her" way. More of a "Wow! Shopping! For regular clothes! Without elastic!" kind of way.

And I actually tabbed down the corner of two pages with tops I would consider investing in when I have some semblance of a waist again.

Now THAT's motivation.


the expectant plainsman said...

I'm sure with all your activities, you will be back in the form you want sooner than you think; props to the catalog people for recognizing all don't look like stick models (or marathon runners -but there is a great photo of Paul Radcliff and her 9 month old at the NY Marathon finish line on the wire services!)

Can't wait to see you with yours!

Jennifer said...

there's lots of hope! Its always easier to get back into shape after your first so I'm sure you'll do just fine. And if you breastfeed (like you plan on) then it will help A LOT. You'll get there. I promise you'll be wearing sexy vitoria's secret stuff again and looking just as hot as before. Just think you'll earn the new title of MILF! ;-) HAHA!

Janice said...

just keep swimming :)

chelsea said...

Your gonna have so much time to get back in time once she comes out. I know my sister always worked out during naptime and got back fast to her normal shape!

sarahhhh said...

i looked at that last night too. except mine was more of a ..."someday when i am done with all my schooling i will be able to afford this" sort of motivation.

it has been so thrilling to read all this excitment! you better not stop blogging just because you'll have a crying machine soon.

good luck with everything! i'm sending you good vibes.

Ray said...

The guy who made Victoria Secret's is a pure GENIUS for having woman all over swoon over his great underware, lingirie and other products. Plus it helps that, that store smells so friggin' GOOD! It makes me want to ask one of the workers there what's that smell throughout the whole store. My cousin worked there once and she told me what it was. I've just forgotten.

BUT: I'm babbling on and on. You will get your body back don't worry. And a little motivational buying would be great. That's what I plan to do to motivate me to lose some serious pounds.

But you, you look like you can lose the weight easily since you're naturally skinny. And I'm not saying that just because I like you. I think that if a woman is naturally skinny it's easier for her to loose the weight. I don't know if that may sound stupid but that's just my guess at it all.

Take, care.

Emmy said...

I DO love *some* of the merchandise that's in the store but dislike the uber-sexy pictures they tend to show in their catalog. lol