Saturday, December 15, 2007

Best form of flattery?

One of my favorite bloggers, dooce, writes to her daughter every month. It's one of the posts I look forward to reading most because, as a writer, it's always something I envisioned doing for any children I had.

Well, that day has come.

And if Heather ever stumbles over to this speck on the web, I hope she knows my imitation of her format is an effort of the utmost flattery.


tossedrice said...

props to heather, kelly and all the other blogging mom's out there. i can't wait to join your ranks.

Ray/ said...

That's a great idea. More mothers should do that. I'm sure those with post-partum depression could get something out of that as well. When they can't bear being near they child, they can force themselves to see the good. And get out of the blues, feeling. If it helps to find beauty in their child and letting them know that motherhood is a beautiful thing, "Why not right...?"

Hopefully in my mind that could work.

Take care, Kelly.

Marcy said...

I too love those monthly newsletters, and plan to do the same for my son once he's born. =)

mercurial scribe said...

*jaw agape*

Apparently, great minds think alike!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of taking all my posts for the first three years and making a book for Ian. I might include some pictures too. That is the time of his life that he won't remember so much and he can see it from my eyes. I'm not a talented writer like yourself ( I do enjoy your posts quite a lot!) so I bet you could make an even better book for Alli. They make them now where you can design and do them right from your computer. Complete with text boxes and all that. Just an idea.

Kriston_Faye from xanga