Sunday, December 30, 2007

What did new parents do before digital?

In our house, Christmas 2007 will forever be remembered as the year we took an obnoxious amount of photos of our daughter. Of the 400 or so images we captured, most of them are of different relatives and friends holding Allison while her eyes are closed. And as much as I want to bore everyone with shot after similar shot, I decided to discard all of those and select a few of my other favorites.

Toby perched at his second-floor window, watching Jerry load
suitcases in the car -- meaning that we must be leaving.
Forever. And it's time to COMPLETELY FREAK OUT.

He was relieved to discover that he was coming with us.
And he showed his gratitude by being a guard dog to Alli.
I had just enough time to either wipe the spit off her chin or
grab the camera and take a picture. Yeah, I'm a good mom.

Me with my new haircut that I am completely loving.

I could write an entire book describing the events in this picture, but
I'll just say that a few days before Christmas, we celebrated with my
step-siblings, who got my stepdad a gadget that chills a bottle of wine
in about six minutes. We now call that night "Drunken Christmas."

Miss Allison wrapped up in her Christmas tree blanket.

Allison on Christmas morning with some of her new toys from Santa.

Me playing with my new toy -- the flash -- resulting in an
awesome buttery color of gooey picturey goodness. Ahh.

More flash experimentation on my parents' new
fake tree that looks so good it could be real.

One of the million photos of Allison sleeping in her Boppy.

She discovered that bath time is way more fun at grandma and
grandpa's house thanks to a gigantic mirror in the right spot.

I swear Toby poses sometimes.

My mom showed me a new trick: tossing a baby
on your lap is an instant soothing technique.

A few days after Christmas, we drove back to Pennsylvania and
celebrated with Jerry's family where Allison was also passed around.

More buttery picturey goodness.

Madeline loved tug-of-war as much as Toby.

Because I never showed this, here's our inaugural baby backpack
event -- decorating the tree. I laugh every time when I look at this
picture because she's totally passed out with her mouth open.

I think she had a wonderful first Christmas.


gorakagaz said...

looks like you had a fun christmas. your new haircut is SEXY! you look gorgeous. and so does alli...that last pic is sooo cute.

Diane said...

Gorgeous photos and gorgeous family!! I love when babies get to be this age, you start to really see personality in their eyes and facial expressions. You both look so happy. Its wonderful!

Candace said...

your flash does wonderful things to pictures! I want one myself ;)

I love the last pic of alli... sooo cute.

It would be great to hear a little bit about alli's personality or what you've already observed as a mom!

Marcy said...

Gorgeous pictures! And yes, I often laugh about how our generation has maybe a handful of baby photos still around, yet our babies will have probably 5,000 shots just of their first 6 months. =P I already take way too many pictures of my cat, I can;t imagine what it will be like when our little boy is born (though I guess I don't have a whole lot longer to wait now!).

Kimberly said...

Oh she is so cute. I love the Santa hat picture. The expression on her face...priceless.

I have no idea what parents did before digital. I have thousands of pictures of Mia. At least one from every month of her life. It is amazing.

Although I do not have the marvelous flash you speak of, I did finally get a DSLR camera for Christmas this year and I am in heaven. No more endless delay causing me to miss the best shot of the day because lets face it life isn't in slow motion :)

Anonymous said...

Great pics, Thank you Santa for giving Kelly a new flash. We love seeing her pictures. just think of how much fun the new year will be.

Randall said...

All the pictures look great! I love the one of Allison in her boppy with Jerry peering over... "Yep, she's still there."

aahcoffee said...


tossedrice said...

she's a beautiful baby. congrats.

Melissa said...

Ohhh I love the pictures!! Your camera and flash is awesome!! I love the last one of cute!

Chelsea said...

Those pics are so cute! You and your family look so happy!

Nikki said...

i love your new haircut. and all the pictures of Alli. Toby is so good with her. and the last picture of her is absolutely precious.

Anonymous said...

beautiful photos. beautiful baby girl. and beautiful haircut!

petra said...

Oh, that last picture would've been perfect for Christmas card!

As far as can tell from the pictures, Alli's first Xmas was wonderful -- and I bet it was great for y'all as well!

I wish New Year's will be just as much fun for you guys.

Its_just_ang said...

Great pics! Love your new hair. And your parents' tree actually does look real! Glad you're liking the new flash!

Cindy said...

I love all your pictures! Especially the baby backpack Jerry's sporting! Love it! Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas with your family! Hope your New Years is just as special. Happy 2008 to you!!

Anonymous said...

the drooly is hilarious. when my brother was little, he used to crawl under chairs and then get stuck instead of helping him out my mom always ran and got the camera. needless to say we have a bunch of funny, red faced pictures of my brother, stuck under chairs.

ajandmac said...

You have such a beautiful family. Love the pictures, and am totally jealous of your "buttery" flash. Way to be.

Tiffany said...

LOVING the hair :-)

Miss A looks precious in all of those pictures. I especially like the last one! So cute..

Ray said...

Those are all great pictures. Great new flash you got there. But my absolute favorite is: the picture of you looking at Allison. You look beautiful! And it's such a great shot (that picture should be titled, "Mom" because it's just so great). It really should be in one of those baby magazines. ;o) I also love the one with Allison lying on Jerry on the sofa, her tiny frame on top of him. It's so sweet. And I definitely love the one with her looking in the mirror. She's already a diva at only one month! =) And that last shot is just priceless. <3 Oh and that picture titled: More buttery picturey goodness, is awesome as well. It looks so professional in a way, like in the moment. It's great.

Well, take care.

grace said...

the photo of her in the chrimstmas blankie is TOOOO precious for words!!! i love how she's waving back!!!

and the one in her boppy lol, looks like the face mike myers made as the evil guy in austin powers lol

Kristin said...

Oh my god I love the one of Alli in the christmas tree blanket!
Your baby is the cutest, and you look gorgeousssss with your new haircut.


Janice said...

Those photos are WONDERFUL! Your hair looks great, Allison looks gorgeous, and it looks like you had a great time!

Kate said...

Merry Christmas Kelly and Jerry and Allison! It looks like it was merry indeed! Beautiful pictures... I love the one with Toby and Alli together on the blanket on the floor. Looks like maybe he's enjoying having a member of the family "more his size" :)

Jaxon said...

I love the one of her with Jerry in the backpack (or frontpack!) You can really get perspective on how tiny she is.

Your haircut is wonderful and your hair looks so shiny! What products do you use to get that glorious shine? You have great hair!

fiona said...

Katelyn has that exact same sleeper Alli's wearing as she's draped across your mom's lap. It's so cute and adorable I couldn't resist buying it. Unfortunately sleepers are what she outgrows the quickest, so we'll get a grand total of MAYBE 10 nights out of it before it's retired. =)
Glad you guys had a merry Christmas!!!

Shalini said...

1) i love your camera and the pictures are fantastic!

2) your daughter is a doll!

3) Your hair is awesome

4) Have a wonderful New YEAR!!!

Kristin said...

the pictures are great! The new haircut looks really good.

Anonymous said...

Your new haircut is PERFECT for your face shape. Very flattering. Alli is adorable. Every shot of her is just precious.

MandyElvins said...

Oh, you definitely need to print and frame the picture of Allison in her Boppy with Jerry looking at her. Its ADORABLE! And she's beautiful.

Wendy said...

I loved the pictures. Thanks for sharing! said...

What a great Christmas for your new family! The three of you and Toby look so happy.

And it sure looks like Toby has adjusted to his added responsibilities, too.

(Ever consider writing ad copy in your "spare" time or at least copyrite "buttery" in regard to photos.)

Ps: Make sure you have those photos properly archived!

AmurTigr7 said...

I can't get over how much she looks like Jerry! I'm so happy for you!