Thursday, January 17, 2008

A few more photos

I took this photo a few nights ago and I adore it.
People keep telling me how babies often don't identify with their
father right away, but not Allison. She absolutely loves Jer.

This picture was taken at Jerry's sister's house in November and I
never got around to posting it. Not only do I love the looks on all
the girls' faces, but you can really see how much Alli has changed.

Forever our first child. Here's Toby patiently waiting
for me to change a diaper and place it in the magical
receptacle that is a source of much interest.

Playtime earlier this week in Alli's room.

Allison in her outfit that matches her bear.

Jerry took this from behind the couch a few days after
coming home from the hospital. Don't ask me what he
was doing back there. I think retrieving a Toby toy.


Lauren said...

Isn't it funny how when you first get them you don't think they can even get any cuter, and then they do? I love that change.. it's amazing. It wows me every time.

Julie said...

She's definitely going to be a daddy's girl. That picture of Toby is hysterical. He looks Very Concerned about that Magical Diaper Receptacle. And that last picture of you is so lovely. You glow with joy.

Bitchy Mom said...

Such great pictures. Love the one of Jerry and the Alli! So precious! I think you might want to frame that one.

I still can't get over how much Toby looks like my dog Mini. It's like their siblings or something... said...

Six great photos, all of them say love.

Nikki said...

she is so precious. you can really tell just how much she has changed. and i love the play time picture; it looks like toby is having a blast with Alli's toys

Ashley said...

That picture in the nursery of you, Allison, and Toby is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

she looks so much older already in these pictures but she is so tiny in the picture at the church! shes really adorable though, and i love the picture of her and jerry, this one and the previous one taken.

grace said...

holy crap u have such nice skin!!! if anyone took a close up shot like that of me i'd burn it IMMEDIATELY

anyways loving all your photos!!!!! love how alli's features are growing in, she's going to be gorgeous!!!

allison said...

i love that picture of allison with her bear. i still sleep with my baby blanket and a stuffed animal i had when i was a baby, and i'm 20!

Epros said...

She is getting cuter and cuter!

shimajan said...

looove the picture of Alli and her matching bear! so precious!

chelsea said...

I love all those photos! She's gotten so big!

Just Me said...

Great pictures! Such a beautiful family!!

Ray said...

The only explanation in my opinion for babies not identifying with the father right away is, if the mother never let's him hold the kid. Or if he's not so involved. It's JUST as important for a baby to be connected to the father as the baby is with mommy. I'm glad Allison connects very well with Jerry. It's a beautiful thing and a beautiful picture.

The picture with the girls and Allison is absolutely adorable. And that last one of you is wonderful. I love it. <3


Janice said...

Aww I love this, they're beautiful.

Jennifer and Jason said...

Alli looks so much like you! I love it
! Too cute.