Sunday, January 13, 2008

Go figure

It's taken eight weeks, but I'm finally starting to fit into some of my pre-pregnancy clothes without straining them at the seams.

And it feels really good.

Right before Allison was born, I registered a 50 pound weight gain at my doctor's office. Although it was scary to see that number creep ever-higher each visit, at some point, you just have to get over it. To help, Jerry would crack jokes about which weight division I would be in if I decided to enter into ultimate fighting. I still say my gigantic belly would've been an unfair advantage. My opponent couldn't have gotten both arms around me.

In hindsight, I could look back and say I shouldn't have eaten this or that or tried to stick to more of an exercise regimen other than just walking, but I'm not going to be that hard on myself. Being pregnant is a lot of work. It's physically exhausting at times. And if the only thing that sounded good was a vanilla milkshake to calm my heartburn? Well, I pulled out the blender and made one. And if my body wanted me to skip a walk and take a nap? That's exactly what I did.

I'm not going to say it's been easy looking at my body for the past few weeks. Although I shed about 30 pounds almost immediately, nothing was toned anymore. In fact, it was the exact opposite. I had rolls in places I'd never had rolls before. And the skin underneath my bellybutton still looks like it belongs on a shar pei.

Top all that off with my lovely purple stretchmark scars, and it was really tough not to feel completely deflated.

The clincher was when someone handed me a glossy print of a photo they had taken of me about four weeks after giving birth. It looked like I was smuggling a spare tire under my shirt. For a tractor trailer. You know, just in case one had a blowout in front of my house.

But it was the holiday season, and you try resisting the 12 trays of once-a-year cookies my mom has on her kitchen counter.

So I made a decision not to beat myself up about it if the weight didn't come off immediately.

Then, slowly but surely, I've noticed a change. I'm not in my skinny jeans just yet, and probably won't be for awhile, but I'm not in my fat pants anymore either.

And, for now, that's good enough for me.


Traci said...

I think most new mamas have been there. My baby is 5 months old and I'm just now getting back down to something resembling prepregnancy size.

What's even worse than elastic waistbands is seeing other new moms who have no problem shedding the weight. I watched a show about quints the other day and that lady was wearing real jeans 6 days after FIVE babies came out of her body. I'm convinced they gave her a tummy tuck with her C-section. And then I saw a picture of Trista and Ryan from Bachlorette and could've just pitched a hissy fit right there in line at the grocery store. Her baby is 5 months old and she was in a bikini looking more toned than I ever will (or have). It's gotta be airbrushed. Right? = )

I think you have the attitude. The weight will come off eventually so in the meantime don't worry!

LeslieAnn said...

When you look at those stretch marks just think of how hard you had to work for those and what you got in return. :)

(Plus a lot of people have stretch marks and spare tires and they don't even have babies.)

chelsea said...

Good luck with the rest of weight! Damn, it would be hard to lose extra weight from pregnancy during the holiday season!

Janice said...

I think you can do it, especially if you aren't constantly beating yourself up about it. Good luck! I'm currently trying to lose weight too because in college I added an extra... like 25 lbs... and I looked at myself one day and just hated it. So I'm eating better (now that the holidays are over of course!) and I wish you good luck!

Kristin said...

That's awesome!
I think you have the right attitude to get the weight off if you really want to, though.
You're a pretty determined person.


wissh said...

Sadly, I'm still carrying the weight gained with child #2 of 3. Today's his birthday. He is 27. =)

Ray said...

"I'm not going to say it's been easy looking at my body for the past few weeks."

^^Awww, Kelly that made me really sad to read that. I struggle with my weight (I may not be able to excuse the weight from pregnancy, LOL but I do struggle with it) so I know how hard it must be at times.

And yet I'm AMAZED that you lost 30 pounds almost right about giving birth. That is awesome Kelly! It really is considering that many woman never get rid of the weight. I've heard it's extremely hard and not like just losing weight without being pregnant. But you did it. And I'm happy for you.

You may not love how your body looks now, and only you can fix that or be okay with it, but I hope one day you can look back on this entry. Look back on it and finally be happy with yourself. Because that's so important. Mother or no mother, "A woman should feel beautiful at all times." Because you are still a woman. Sometimes I think after having a baby a woman sort of loses that validation and thinks she's just a mother. Never lose that validation. Sure you're a mother, but you'll always be a woman to Jerry. A woman that can still be sexy no matter what.

You're a beautiful momma. Body and all and don't forget it.


jsi said...

Great news about your steady return to your healthy weight. Stay with it! Ultimate fighting, schultimate fighting.
Getting into the pre-pregnancy clothes happened pretty quick for me - but I filled them out entirely differently. As a nursing mother, my tops fitted more fully. And I found nursing caused me to gain weight, needing to eat to stay awake to do things I needed to do. Sort of a catch-22.
Does anyone really want to resist a Christmas cookie anyway? Keep strong and eat well!

sarahhhh said...

breatfeeding will only increase your wait to getting that hot body back. awesome!

Lauren said...

I don't know, but I have heard from many mothers that breastfeeding actually increases your metabolism, thus increase caloric burn. Plus, it's obviously better for the baby.. I guess you have to weigh (no pun intended) what is more important.

no babies on the plains said...

I'm not to clear when babies start crawling around, but if you have not lost the few extra by the time Alli starts putting on mileage, you surely will loose those pounds then!