Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mental vomit

I'm not sure why, but Allison reverted to newborn behavior last night and got me up every two to three hours. So I'm feeling a little punchy this morning to say the least. I just got her back to sleep, which was nothing short of a miracle.

I should be sleeping too, but my mind always works overtime when I'm in the middle of writing my newspaper column, and this week is no exception. I think I'm finally finished, but it doesn't leave much inspiration or oomph for anything else.

Normally I would just let it go and not update my blog for the day, but other things seem to be floating around in my neural transmitters because I can't seem to relax my head. And when that happens, writing is the best outlet for me.

So, without further ado, I will start a bulleted list and see what the heck pops out:
  • I've been dreaming about ghosts a lot lately and I'm not sure why this is. It's nothing particular or anyone I know, but it's obviously something that's getting to me. Last night I dreamt that I installed cameras all around our house to monitor any unusual activity. It was one of those deals where it wasn't our house but it was. And when I saw a cup move a few centimeters on the kitchen counter, the dream abruptly ended.
  • I'm sick of the snow. I want to take a walk. I need sunshine on my skin and the feel-good endorphins it releases. I'm going completely stir crazy in this house.
  • I honestly don't know who I'm going to vote for in the presidential primaries.
  • I have 12 days of maternity leave left and it rips my heart in half knowing I'm not going to be home to put Alli to bed every night. On the other hand, I desperately need the mental stimulation of adult conversation and global politics I get at my job. I hope I can find a balance.
  • My neighbor just pulled into his spot and it boosts my mood to no end knowing that his wife probably just doesn't like going out in the cold.
  • I feel like eating pancakes.
  • Our closets and attic are bursting at the seams. I really think that stuff is like a goldfish -- it grows to the size of the container. We have a lot more useless items now that we have an attic to stow them away in. This summer, no matter how hard Jerry protests, I will hold a yard sale. I WILL hold a YARD SALE! And anything that doesn't sell is immediately going to be donated. Then maybe, just maybe, I'll paint the attic. It's the last room in the house I haven't tackled.
  • Pancakes. Must go eat pancakes before Little Miss wakes up.
  • Damn.


Janice said...

I hope you get those pancakes! Good luck!

Kate said...

Hey there- I'm a new reader, and just wanted to say that yard sales are a great way to get rid of stuff. When I moved home from college, last year we had one. I made a lot of money (minus advertising expense, but if you work at a newspaper it may be less), and what didn't sell was donated. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you believe in the books or websites that interpret your dreams, but I went onto a website called FreakyDreams. According to the site, ghosts have to do with the, 'past coming back. Beware of enemies!' I'm sure that's the last thing you wanted to hear. Then again, I guess you'd have to believe in if what the books and sites say is real.

Rachel said...

It's hard to think about returning to work, but I must admit that it is nice to be around adults for some part of the day, rather than all baby all day...
And as far as the fussy baby, she is probably going through a growth spurt. They revert to newborn-like when that happens. And if she is learning new things, she'll want to be up and enjoying all these new things! Good luck! Our little one has her first cold/fever/bowel problems, so we're also dealing wtih sleepless nights...

Kristin said...

Well then, lol.

-KrIsTiN- said...

Acccording to my copy of Sheppard's Dream Guide, Chaper 7, Page 12, Paragraph B:

Dreaming of ghosts means one has been cooped up inside much of the winter and the sure-fire cure is eating pancakes!

But it says nothing about the pancakes helping on deciding who to vote for!

chelsea said...

Your dream sounds a lot like a show my mom watches, Ghost Hunters, where they are plumbers at day and uh ghost hunters at night and set up cameras just like you said, I believe its on SciFi. Hey, you may not have had pancakes for breakfast but there is always dinner!

Been there said...

I bet the wakefulness is because of the shots.

Ray said...

I have no idea who I'm going to vote for myself. I've never voted. I wasn't yet 18 for one of the years, so I missed out on that since my birthday's in April. And now at twenty, this is my first chance to vote. I'm in between getting some research done/getting ready to vote or not voting at all. In the back of my mind I still think that our votes don't count (so I see no reason in me voting).

Always in the end something always goes wrong. Then there's the thing of voting and seeing the person you choose to become president of this country, fall on their face. And then having the feeling of wanting to kick yourself for voting for them in the first place. Not that the votes would have changed had you not voted for that person. But still, it must suck.

And it's crazy how the weather really changes our mood. When spring comes and it's almost summer, I have such a great feeling inside of me. I can't explain it but it's wonderful.

I hope Allison let's you sleep tonight and that you got those pancakes. Also enjoy your last 12 days with, "Little Miss!" ;o)

Take, care.

jsi said...

Sounds like Little Miss is getting ready for a growth spurt, and is more hungry for the extra work she will be doing next week.
When my mind is fuller than usual, and encompassed with ideas and things to be done, my sleep is always containing extremely vivid dreams.
Pay attention to your dreams, those quizzical moments during your sleep when solutions to impossible obstacles reveal themselves in sometimes cryptic manners.
Presidential matters have me looking seriously, too.
Hopefully your weather breaks from these frigid temps and lets you walk around outside in the sun and the crisp air - it really can make all the difference in the world.