Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I think I'm having an affair with my camera

Toby enveloped himself in our comforter Monday night.

Have I mentioned before that my husband is awesome? No?
Well he is. He got me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers to thank
me for taking care of him while he was overtaken by phlegm.

And have I mentioned before how frigging AMAZING my camera is?
I can seriously smell this rose just by looking at the picture.

And no, Allison did not suddenly learn
how to hold her head upright overnight.

It's her baby doppelganger on the PBK catalog. Creepy.

Speaking of Pottery Barn, here are the latest additions to our living room.

And this has just been bugging me. These blocks each have
an animal that is SUPPOSED to correspond to its color.
Well, last I checked, turtles are GREEN. Way to screw up
my kid, Baby Einstein. Ever heard of BLUEJAYS?


Marina said...

My roommate works at Pottery Barn! We were meant to be.

Ray said...

UGH, what I wouldn't give to be Toby right there. That comforter looks so damn comfortable! Jerry's a sweetie. That rose is absolutely beautiful (roses are my FAVORITE). And that deal with the blocks is funny. How can you make such a simple mistake? Or maybe it's to see if your baby has a genius status or not. =)

.xanga.com/the_plainsman said...

No doubt you have a great camera, but it is still the photographer who sees and captures the great images!

That image of Toby is a classic.

Good to hear Jerry is better, they are talking about a round of flu over the East now.

BTW: They do have blue turtles in China, where they must make those blocks, don't they? LOL

Pauline said...

Oh my, haha. My sister has those same blocks, and whenever I go over there, I bitch about the fact turtles aren't blue. I was on the verge of writing them a letter and asking them to change it ;-) Small world.

Chelsea said...

Never buy the wooden blocks that have Mother Goose poems on them, one of them has a poem that talks about a whole ladybug family on fire. Pottery barn is awesome!

the plainsman said...

Thinking about that blue turtle again as when I was a kid, I remember that stuff like that used to really bug me, and at an early age. Maybe it is good to challenge young minds. Then again, it leads adults having to google "blue turtle" to see if such animals really exist...LOL

Ashley said...

wellll at least turtles swim in water, which is usually blue, right?! I absolutely love your camera as well, and really really wish that I could afford one for myself, but looking at all of your amazing photos and being jealous will have to do :)

Just Me said...

The pictures are great.

I have been drooling over the D40 and the D40X. There is a significant price difference so I haven't been able to decide which one to go with yet.

Question: Have you printed any of the photos you have taken as large as a 8x10 yet? If so how is the quality? The only reason I was tempted to spend more for the D40x was because I read you should go for the higher MP for larger prints.

Thanks for your help.


Randall said...

Beautiful flowers and photos! I took a second glance at that Pottery Barn photo and thought, "geez, she's really grown up! Do babies normally sit up like that at that age?!" It really looks like her!

jsi said...

Toby pic is perfect!

CDNSarah said...

It irks me to see foreign language spelled incorrectly in English text. Cliché is spelled cliche. fiancé (or the feminine fiancée) is spelled fiance and applies to men and women. "Doppleganger" is really spelled doppelgänger.

As an editor, I'm sure you'd hate to see spelling errors in English, please don't lower your standards for foreign languages.

Kelly said...


Thanks for the comment, but unfortunately, my keybord doesn't have an accent mark or umlaut key. Unless there is a shift command I am unaware about.

Anonymous said...

Well it's a good thing you don't like the blue turtle because it was recalled due to lead paint used to paint the turtle:


kelly said...

Yikes! Thanks for the link!

Anonymous said...

Since you love Pottery Barn you may already know about the clearance sale...if not:


If you have a moment to share about your camera and the 8x10" photos it would really help me out.

Thanks. Kirs

Kelly said...

Kirs, Sorry! I meant to answer your question when you first asked. Anyway, I haven't printed one out yet, but the 5 x 7s look excellent. I can't imagine the 8 x 10s wouldn't be the same. My photog friends said the D40 is PLEANTY for that size. But I really think you'll enjoy your decision either way. It's a great camera. Hope that helps!