Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It seemed completely normal at the time

Me: I'm not sure if it means anything, but I saw two huge boogers come out of her nose this morning.

Jer: Is she sick?

I don't think so. She's acting completely normal, but I noticed she was having a hard time breathing through her nose last night, and then there were the gigantic snot rockets this morning.

How big?

Coming out of her tiny nostrils? They looked abnormally large. I mean, if I hadn't personally experienced childbirth, I wouldn't think something that big could come out of something that small.

Were they runny or solid?

Um, kind of a mixture. Part of it solid, part of it goopy.

What color?

Normal snot color -- yellowish nasty. Actually, I can show you. I saved the second one on a tissue upstairs. I just wanted to get your opinion.

Where is it? I'll go check.


fiona said...

Isn't it amazing how much your interests and topics of conversation change once you have a baby?? =)

Anonymous said...


Wendy said...

They say green = sick, clear = allergies, and yellow = a cold. I hope they are clear.

Happy Belated Birthday!

Sarah-Jean said...

LOL yeah... the joys of motherhood.

Examining boogers are great.

Ray said...

OH NO! =) You two are funny. And you must save this so, Alli can read this one day and laugh hysterically. I guess you can say, "You know you're a parent when you're having detailed conversations about your three-month-old's mucus!"

Take, care.

Kriston said...

My husband pulls those things out with tweezers. At first Ian protested. Now he will ask for the tweezers to get it out.

the plainsman said...

Re Yesterday's post: I can't think of anyone else right now who so deserved a shopping adventure like that!

Re Today's: Seems like perhaps just a reaction to something in teh air, or the dry inside air. I know less that you two.

Anonymous said...

Two words: bulb syringe.

Anonymous said...

awww . . you two are parents!

chelsea said...

Thats normal in my house, my mom is a nurse and when ever I claim to be sick she asks about my snot color. Normal color is actually supposed to be clear but then again anyone that hydrated might be mistaken for a fire hydrent. Hope Alli is feeling better after shooting those snot rockets out!

Anonymous said...

haha you guys have crossed over to weird parenty types!!!


jsi said...


Janice said...

HAHA that's disgusting...but amazing.