Thursday, February 21, 2008


I really do remember when I used to have time to blog regularly. I think it was way back when I was in my twenties.

Today we're going shopping for my birthday, which will entirely consist of new clothes. Clothes that don't have elastic waistbands and that were designed this season. I can't remember the last time I got clothes for myself. I am so excited I might just pee.

Also on the agenda? Getting Allison's picture taken. Because despite the fact that my camera is nice enough to take professional portraits and I have overloaded my hard drive with images, it's what parents do. Parents take their children to bad department store studios to prop them in front of a basket of fake flowers. It's a rite of passage.

And I'll be able to look back at that picture and say to Alli, "Remember that day? That was the day I realized I would never stuff my thighs into a size 8 ever again. ... But your picture was so buttery cute that I didn't even care."


Ray said...

HAHA! Have fun shopping for some great clothes, and getting Alli's photo taken (hopefully it's a great photo place that's original).

Take, care.

chelsea said...

good luck with the clothes hunting and with allison's photo!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday!! I hope you got lots of sleep!!

~rita said...

Miss you!!!

Laney said...

Oh, Hell No. C'mon! I was looking forward to seeing your silly Birthday Bash post this year! You're 3-0! So, I'm going to treat you to a Birthday Bash comment instead.

Sit back, and grab aparty hat!

Hope you're

Oh, what's this?! A limo?!
Better get in!

Oh, I forgot to tell you! We're going to California to go ...

Tired? I bet! (Okay, I know this is getting cheesey, just work with me) Let's go to the spa and get maicures and pedicures!

Hope you have room for filet mignon and cheesecake!

Oh, and here's your gift!
Hope you had a great birthday!