Sunday, February 3, 2008

Phonetically speaking

Although it's a close call, there's probably no bigger fan of Alli than her 4-year-old cousin Emily. I'm told that she asks about "baby Allison" constantly, stashes away clothes she's outgrown for "baby Allison," and wonders when "baby Allison" can come for a sleepover party.

Even the slightest hint of anything relating to her younger cousin, Emily is already ten steps ahead.

Which is why none of us should've been surprised when she made a recent humorous connection. Her father, an avid fan of old-school metal bands, recently spent an afternoon watching a new live DVD of Alice In Chains.

Being four and overly curious, Emily started inquiring about it.

But she didn't hear "Alice In" when her father explained what he was watching.

Emily just squealed, "LIKE BABY ALLISON!"

I'm sure the remaining members of the band who sky-rocketed to fame during the 90's grunge movement with songs like "Dirt," "Bleed the Freak" and "Angry Chair" would love to know that they are now being equated with a cute and cuddly 11-week-old infant.

And I think Emily has a new favorite band. Although I'm pretty sure she'll rename it "Baby Allison Chains."


Kristin said...

Probably the greatest thing I've heard today :P


Ray said...

That is the cutest thing. Emily sounds like such the sweetheart. And as far as I'm concerned, "Alice In Chains" hasn't got ANYTHING on "Baby Allison Chains!" =)

Alyson said...

My name is Alyson and one of my college crushes called me Alyson Chains. I thought it was darling, and I'm proud to see the next generation making the connection.

Anonymous said...