Thursday, February 28, 2008


When I recently saw a TV commercial for a new show about a blogger called "Quarterlife," I was more than a little excited. I figured it was about time network television jumped on the blogging bandwagon. The inaugural character is a female twentysomething assistant editor at a women's magazine who lives in an apartment with two of her best friends.

But after watching the pilot episode, I couldn't have been more disappointed. It was complete crap. Either the writers didn't do their homework or the execs forced them to change the concept, but the bottom line is, there was a major disconnect between the reality of blogging and just using it as a catch phrase, or in this case "catch concept," to make money.

Here are 5 reasons the show was a total disappointment as the first foray into capturing blogging on TV:

1. The main character only posts using video. Wha? Sure, I understand that it's TV and video translates more directly, but don't tell me for one minute that having a character who writes wouldn't have worked. Two words: Carry Bradshaw. I heart the "Sex and the City" scenes of Carrie in her underwear, smoking a cigarette and drinking coffee, hunched over her laptop.

2. She immediately has a huge following. Anyone who blogs knows it can take years to attract regular visitors. And yet, after the first post introducing herself, one of her roommates comes home to say her "entire acting class" had seen it. Right.

3. She posts negatively about her friends and expects them not to find out about it. The web is like Vegas. What happens here, stays here. For all to see. Bloggers know that. It's kind of the point.

4. She posts angrily about work. What blogger doesn't know not to post about work in 2008? Well, unless they're TRYING to get fired. Dooce, anyone? And the numerous other bloggers who lost their jobs for writing on the web after her? And to make it even more unbelievable, the character starts "blogging" (running her web cam) during a meeting at the office. My eyes couldn't have rolled further back into my head.

5. Everything is so anguished. Ugh. Life. What is the meaning? I'm in love with my roommate's boyfriend's best friend who's in love with my roommate. Barf. Bloggers aren't all emo idiots.

So thanks, Quarterlife, for completely misrepresenting the blogging community. I'll take real people's real web content over that contrived crap any day.


Update: Well, Jerry just e-mailed me some information from the news feed his radio station subscribes to and here's what it said about the show:

On Tuesday night, the NBC show "Quarterlife" tanked in the ratings, with only 3.1 million viewers. It was NBC's worst performance in that 10 p.m. Tuesday night spot in 17 years. It's pretty likely that the show will either be canceled, or moved to cable. There's word it might be heading to Bravo, which is owned by NBC.

Good. Maybe the second character who blogs will do it a little more justice.


fiona said...

I'd never heard of the show until last night while we were watching "Biggest Loser". Since I didn't know the premise of the show, I didn't tune in.
And yeah, Carrie Bradshaw was the closest they came to having a tv show about blogging. Apparently 'they' shoulda left it at that...

Gisela said...

umm soo... i know someone who was dumb enough to write about work on her blog. (cough). guess you just called me a semi-ass on your blog, and thus, kind of illustrated your point about not blogging about friends.

Nice, jerky. Real nice.

Sarah said...

I agree with some of what you said but I also think it wouldn't be that interesting to watch a show about a girl who just blogs about her family, the shoes she just bought, what she cooked for dinner,what she did over the weekend etc like most of us do.

the plainsman said...

Makes you wonder sometimes, how they can take a good idea and kill it. Or wonder even more how some smart funny shows with great dialog and funny scenes ever do make it and survive until they catch on.

Anonymous said...

some of what you said make sense - but then again, think back to when you were twenty, I'm sure life wasn't sunshine and rainbows for you either. There is a lot of confusion and trying to figure out who you are. She also had a huge fan base because they had been doing the web-cam blogging for a few years before they made it a tv show

Jaxon said...
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Ray said...

Television never get's anything right. That's why if I ever do make my dream come true of being a director, my shows going to have heart, and actual substance that you'd want to hold onto, long for. Too many shows nowadays lack that. Too many bad comedies, that aren't even funny. It sucks, but that's how it is. And the good shows always get cancelled. I guess people like watching garbage. Who knows....?

Take, care.

jsi said...

Sounds like a terrible show.

cafechick80 said...

well, really it was a show that started on myspace. so i didn't think that it was going to be spectacular because they probably just put the show on reg tv because of the writers strike.

I heart sex and the city. Can't get enough. Nic never understands. haha