Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I hearby vow to dole out more petting

Our dog has major abandonment issues. He never lets us out of his sight when we're in the house, following closely enough that he often runs into us if we stop short. And closed doors? Absolutely not. If it's not latched properly, he will nose his way into the bathroom to stare at us on the toilet.

Because, well, apparently we might decide to leap out the second story window never to return.

Maybe one of the reasons he loves Allison so much is because with her has come a responsibility to have someone with her at all times. And most of that is spent at our house.

But on the rare occasions we have to leave as a family to go someplace without him, you can practically see the anxiety radiating off his tiny body. The second we break routine and start placing things in the diaper bag, he paces between us looking for extra attention or some sort of confirmation he might be allowed to tag along.

And on Sunday, we discovered that if we don't give him the extra attention he's seeking, he will retaliate.

We were getting ready to take Allison to church and had about an hour to feed her, shower and make ourselves presentable, then wriggle a 4-month-old into an Easter dress -- which I can not begin to explain how much EFFORT something like that takes. I have a feeling chiseling Mount Rushmore took less time.

And after watching us go through our entire morning routine, then turn our attention to the baby? Well, that was too much.

So he took a big steamy dump on the carpet right in the middle of the hallway upstairs.

I'm not sure which one of us was the first to spot it, but Toby got his message across loud and clear. Well, loud and smelly, anyway.

I couldn't do anything but laugh.

I've heard of Easter surprises, but that's a load of crap.


Are You Willing to Change? said...

Hey! I can't believe that he did that! Crazy what an animal who isn't getting enough attention will do!

"Harvey" Plainsman said...

Part of the fun in reading your posts is that the unexpected suddenly turns up, with no warning. I'm trying to figure out the Easter theme and reconcile that with the title, then, Toby!!! LOL

suzy said...

aw Toby! he really does have some issues! We have 5 dogs...I'm sure there will be retaliation on all parts!

Christine said...

I experienced the same thing on Valentine's day morning with my dog! It was not pretty nor funny. I blame it on my husband though becuase he decided to let our dog partake in our jambalaya dinner the night before. I warned him...I think he learned his lesson.

Ray said...

OHMYGOODNESS! That was funny. Toby sure did get his message across alright. Right on the hallway floor. =) It's funny though how human-like animals are. Especially dogs, they really do need lots of attention and love (not that you don't do that. But having a baby around and a dog is hard).

Well, take care.

P.S. You must post up a pic of Allison in her easter dress! COME ON, I know you have tons of them!

Wendy said...

Our dog has been peeing on the floor in retaliation to us ignoring him. He has only done it 3 times, but he does it in the middle of the floor to ensure that we step in the pee. If you can figure out how to fix Toby of this problem, please share the love.

Meghan said...

My dog has been doing that for years! Be careful, I swear they reserve "extra" so they can go out of spite--even if you've just let them out a few minutes before.

chelsea said...

My dog does that too! Like if I'm out all day or sleep in late I can expect a pile of shit in front of my door. He'll get a lot of love from Allison once she can fully grasp things and start to (if she hasn't already) feel textures.

ajandmac said...

Haha! That's absolutely disgusting! I have a new puppy in the house, and we're working on the training thing, and I'm surprised every time at how long the smell of poop can linger. I think there will come a day [when Alli starts pulling tails] when Toby gets excited to see everyone leave and give him some peace...ha. Happy dog-loving!

Jaxon said...

Be glad you don't have a cat. They are even more vindictive. At least your dog used the carpet. A cat will PEE directly onto your pillow. Or your shoe.

Rachel said...

Ew! Our baby was only a couple days old and we were trying to get ready to head to her first dr. appointment when the cat decided to jump in the car seat and let loose a full bladder of piss as I sat and watched with a baby attached to my boob. It's tough giving everyone all the attention they need and deserve!