Tuesday, March 18, 2008

If I'd known, I would've had a kid sooner

As I was proofing the first paper off the presses for mistakes, my eye caught an ad for a restaurant that read:

Moms get a free ice cream sundae on Easter!

I'm thinking about showing up with Allison in a T-shirt that reads:

My mom's in it for the free sundaes.

Because I totally am.


Ray said...

HAHA! That would be a great T- shirt. You should do it and let us know what reactions you get at the restaurant! =)

Take, care.

Are You Willing to Change? said...

I'd definitely be there for the sundaes too! Have fun!

petra said...

You wouldn't... LOL!

When you do, pictures, please. ;)

Jen said...

LOVE it!!

My youngest was born in december and when we did our taxes a couple months later she came along wearing a onesie that read "Tax Deduction". The accountants all got a big laugh outta that one.

chelsea said...

You should! Oh man I spent my whole day proofing the paper I'm now working at.

allison said...

that just made my day.