Saturday, March 15, 2008

Month 4

Dear Alli,

This month has been so tremendous, I don't even know where to begin. You've grown so much in the past few weeks that I struggle every day not to become one of those parents who talks incessantly about their children. Then other times I say screw it. You're totally brag worthy.


I'd like to take credit for your recent milestones, but you've attained them all on your own. In fact, you attained them in spite of me. The problem is, you've never been much for tummy time. When I put you on your stomach, you protest wildly, creating sounds I didn't think humans could make -- high-pitched screaches that probably feel more at home among hyenas.

So when I heard those sounds, a voice inside my head said, "AAAaahhh! I'm killing my baby!" And I scrambled to pick you up.

In reality, you need time on your stomach to develop the muscles necessary to ensure that you won't need me to carry you around when you're 30. Muscles for holding your head up, which every book and website said you're supposed to be able to do by now.

So just when I started to freak out that you were never going to make your three-month milestones and I had completely derailed your physical development, you picked your head up with ease and held it there for several minutes.

I could practically hear you thinking, "See? What's the big fuss all about?"


Now tummy time has become a favorite activity in our house. You love it because you can see more than just the ceiling. Toby loves it because you drool all over and he gets to sniff the wet spots. And your father and I love it because you look hilarious.

If we had a green screen and knew how to use it, instead of writing this right now, I would be busy composing a video of you flying like a superhero over the city of Manhattan. You work so hard to keep your head up that your arms are glued to your sides and your feet sort of kick off the ground. All you need is a red cape and a wind machine and you would look like you were soaring through the clouds.

I'm sorry to say that I don't have the capability to make that video. Without a doubt, it would be a YouTube sensation.


The easiest way to get you to smile has always been sticking our tongues out at you and making farting noises. Your grandma kept saying, "Keep it up and one of these days she's gonna do it back." I'm pretty sure she meant it as a threat, but I took it as encouragement.

So we kept doing it. And doing it. And doing it some more.

And just this week you did it back. I nearly fell out of my chair laughing. You must've been so impressed with the reaction you received that now you do it constantly. First thing in the morning? Farting noises. When you're on the floor playing? Farting noises. After you're done eating? Farting noises.

You always look so pleased with yourself. It's your first attempt at interaction and you must feel understood. You're happy that I get you and your farting sounds.

And believe me, I do.

Although, were they really necessary when you were pooping all over the changing table? Making a gigantic mess of your clothes, the clean diaper I had just placed under you, the changing pad and my sleeves?

There you were, just pooping and making farting sounds, waiting for me to cheer you on.

And believe me, I did.


You also discovered your hands this month and if you could, I think you'd give them four stars. Sometimes you try and fit all 10 fingers in your mouth, but mostly get stuck around eight because your thumbs don't want to cooperate.

I know exactly what you do in there because you like to do the same thing with my fingers -- chomp down.

A few nights ago, you didn't want to sit still during dinner, so I picked you up and put you on my lap while your father was finishing his meal. Since I was done, I let you grab and play with my hands. I shouldn't have been surprised when you shoved my thumb right into your mouth because that's your favorite thing to do these days. Anything your little fists manage to grasp is likely to be gnawed on.

Well, my thumb wasn't enough apparently, so you decided to chew on the side of my hand like it was an ear of corn. And all of the smacking and drooling had your father so grossed out that he started gagging and carrying on as if someone had told him his meal had been dipped in the toilet before he consumed it.

The whole thing was incredibly entertaining.

I hope you learn how to high-five next month.


There are so many other changes that I couldn't possibly list them all, but I'm sure the moments will be forever solidified in my memory.

Like on my 30th birthday when you finally figured out the concept of toys. Grandma and I were sitting in the back seat of our car with you between us and you just sort of grabbed the stuffed animal we had placed in front of you, focused on it, shook it and crammed it in your mouth.

Later that night, everyone told me to make a wish as I blew out my candles, but you know what? I honestly couldn't think of one.

I just kept thinking about my wish from last year.

I wished for you.

And everyday I'm grateful that it came true.



Shalini said...

She is getting to be so big! It's going by quick!!! Totally gorgeous girl!

I am trying to remember my lil one at 3 months, and it seems SO SO SO long ago! I love reading your letters to Alli!

Randall said...

Getting so big with every new picture - can't wait to hear about her growing and learning more!

julie said...

Must get video of the farting noises!!

I was reading that aloud to Mat and we both almost started crying at that last bit. said...

Flying high above Gotham, "It's a bird, It's a plane, No, It's Red Caped Alli!" Actually, words are sometimes still better than vids. And know what the best words in your whole letter are? The last two, of course: "Love, Mom" :-)

~rita said...

Wow! Tears bursting out of my eyes from the way you ended this post. That's so beautiful. This blog will be a precious gift for Alli when she grows old enough to read it.

Marcy said...

She's so friggin adorable, all the pictures are gorgeous!

Donovan also likes to impersonate superheroes, though he does it on his back-- he'll look to one side and the way he holds one arm up straight, the other bent by his side, fists clenched, makes me want to call out "It's a bird! It's a plane!" Perhaps D and Alli could be sidekicks? =P

Emilee said...

I love the second picture of Alli! She is so adorable. :)

Timberly said...

She's so totally precious. And, the photo with her in her pink hat -- that's the first photo where I can see Jerry shining through. Usually she looks like you!

theZanyOne said...

awww....your wish made me tear up. I love reading your blogs to your daughter. I've sent my sister over your way. She's also got a newborn. LOL I've found my self calling her and reading your blog to her.

Do you mind telling me where you got her little pink chair?

chelsea said...

You do such a great job recording Alli's life, its so fun to read! You should make copies of each month's entry along with photos and make it into an album for her first birthday or add them to an album you already have going =)

Sarah-Jean said...

All the pictures are too cute for words!!!!

These are my favorite posts. I really wish I was doing them! I just can't make myself blog anymore...

I want to meet her someday. Her and Sena could totally be BFF.

Anonymous said...

isn't it month 4????????

Ray said...

Umm, Kelly I think you mean 4 months, hehe. ;o) And the fact that I want to become a film-maker, makes me wish that I could help you with the superbaby, flying video idea. That would be so awesome, a youtube sensation!

I love all the photos. But I especially love the one with Alli wearing a hat. She looks like she's thinking, "I know I'm cool!" And the last one with her wearing a cupcake shirt is adorable! Too cute.

I'd also have to agree with Julie, "Must see a video with the farting noises!!"

On another note:

What a great wish you made last year, I'm glad it came true. I also think think it must be great feeling: when you know you don't have to wish for anything. Why? Because life/reality right now is amazing and couldn't get any better. Like there's nothing you could possibly need or want, because you have everything. Everything's that important anyhow. I hope to have that, and to not have the need to wish anymore.

Take, care.

P.S. Alli is an incredible baby. GOD BLESS HER! <3 I can't wait to read more of your monthly letters to her, leading to her 1st birthday. =)

Candi said...

She is such a beautiful girl. That olive complexion is completely stunning. Do you ever look at her and wonder... how did I make something so amazing? I know I do (with my son). To me every child is such an amazing miracle. :-)

Janice said...

Oh, she's just gorgeous! And I must see a video of those farting noises! :) :)

Ray said...

OH: and I thought it would be a great idea if, you could get Jerry to write a letter to Allison as well. To post it up for next month's post. That would be a sweet twist to it, adding your letter along with his. To see his perspective on things: "From a father's point of you on his little baby girl." =) This is just a thought of course.

kelly said...

* slaps head *

FOUR months.

Time flys when you're sleep-deprived.

novelle360 said...

Zanyone, I tried commenting on your blogger, but it wouldn't let me. Here's the scoop on the chair:

You can find them at any major retailer -- Target, Toys R Us, Wal-Mart. It's called a Bumbo. And it's completely great if used on the floor. Apparently it caused some accidents in older kids when the parents set them on top of tables and they fell off. But I love ours. It gives Allison a great neck workout.

cafechick80 said...

Alli would be the bestest superhero! Great pictures too, thank you for sharing.

theZanyOne said...

thanks for the info.

Hrm. I'll check the settings on my blog.

petra said...

I love your monthly letters to Alli. You can tell they're written with love. And I totally agree that she's brag worthy.

Also, I can see why it was difficult to come up with a wish when you've already gotten all you wished for.

Happy belated 30th birthday!