Sunday, March 2, 2008

Must. Not. Kill.

No matter how many diamonds I have on my left ring finger, sometimes jealousy still gets the best of me.

I knew when I married Jerry that as long as he was in the radio business, especially in hard rock, there would be other women around. Case in point? A female fan recently got a job in Jerry's building just so she could meet him. When she found out she wouldn't be working directly with him, she got mad and quit.

On the other hand, I also know that Jerry treats marriage very seriously and wants nothing more than for it to last a lifetime like it has for his parents. Not to mention he tells me how important I am to him every single day.

But despite all of those things, I couldn't avoid the tight knot that formed in my stomach when Jerry and his co-anchor, Troy, celebrated their morning show's one-year anniversary at a bar party Friday night. To help promote the radio station, they hired four girls to walk around in skimpy clothes, much like beer corporations do. And they spent the week with the guys in the studio, wearing bikinis and high heels and making them sandwiches -- but that's a whole different post.

It wasn't until Jerry and Troy were called to the front of the stage by the band's lead singer to get a lap dance from the girls that I really let it get to me. But I took a deep breath and reminded myself that it really is all for show. The girls all have boyfriends. From the few moments I was introduced to them, they actually seem really nice, if completely whorish. And they're 20 and 21 and certainly wouldn't want a guy with a kid in the picture.

Afterward, Jerry came running to find me saying he didn't know that was going to happen and reassured me repeatedly that they didn't touch him and he loved me, oh my God does he love me. So much. Right down to my weird crooked little pinky toes.

So really, it's my own insecurities. I know that they're somewhat valid, because, well, frankly it's tough looking at girls with perfect thighs and abs wearing practically nothing while posing for pictures with my husband and toying with his hoodie string in their mouth. I mean, if I acted on my initial gut instinct, I'd cram his whole sweatshirt right down their throats and watch them choke to death.

Even as I write this I feel the urge to follow through with it, but I know that I'm making a bigger deal out of it than it really is. The bottom line is I know Jerry has three important girls in his life.

His mom, his wife and his daughter.


gorakagaz said...

haha...that's so cute that he came to reassure you of his love.

Wissh said...

What a class act you are to not only expose your insecurities here, with humor, but also to list his mom first. He'd be a complete idiot not to see how good he's got it.

Ashley said...

I think its a girl thing. I know my boyfriend is completely faithful to me, but yet I still get jealous. The fact that he came right to you afterwards proves he is a keeper!

Ray said...

You have every right to feel a bit upset. We're all human with insecurities that sometimes eat us up. It's great that you could write about it. And great that you and Jerry have such a solid relationship. I think it's also great that he tells you how important you are to him, every day. I don't know any couples that have that! Or any husband that does that. That's, "AWESOME." May you two last forever, and may nothing big get the best of either one of you. You're a great woman Kelly.

Also, "Wissh" hit it right on the nail with that comment! I couldn't have said it better.

Take, care.

Shalini said...

He's got everything, and he knows it. I admit if I was in your shoes that I may have been a bit more unforgiving. (my husband had the "unforgettable" bachelor party, and I had MAJOR issues with it, but I knew nothing got out of hand, but I think it's a crazy stupid tradition.)

Allison is soooooooo incredibly gorgeous! I love that pic below! She looks like she is thinking about something very important!

Lioncloud said...

No one could look at the "totally smoochable" girl in the previous post and not know what side his bread was buttered on.

Courtney said...

Hahaha, I totally get the same way with my boyfriend! I still have to stifle urges to hunt down his ex who treated him horribly and give her a huge wedgie. AND he's in theater so I have to sit on my hands every time his adoring floozies gather round after a show.

Jaxon said...

Hmmm, take a look at Ms. Smoochable below here and then take a gander at the lovely woman in the upper right hand corner. A man would have to be insane to jeopardize what he has with those two gorgeous creatures and Jerry seems plenty sane to me.

However, it never hurts a man's ego one bit to see his woman display a little green blooded jealousy when his lap is being danced upon for whatever reason. It makes him feel loved. And it never hurts to stake out your territory. Vehemently.

Especially when some slutty little baggage takes a job just to poach on said territory. Good thing she hit the road. You might have had to bring out the big guns for that one. It could have been ugly.

kristi said...

i have the saaaame insecurities.. and my man is in a hard rock band and does karaoke too with drunk woman around all the time. we just gotta keep tellin ourselves they love us and i mean come on, whod leave all the beautiful thing he has (you, his daughter, your home, pets) for some tramp who gets paid to flirt with people. So dont worry hon.
~buffy_chic from xanga

Jessica said...

I don't blame you for those feelings at all! Thank goodness you have such a loving & devoted husband. :)

the plainsman said...

Let me get this straight, Jerry and Troy "spent the week in the studio, wearing bikinis and high heels...and making sandwiches for visitors?" Hmmm...despite climate change, winters there are WAY TOO LONG!

Seriously, all those emotions are normal, but you nailed the subject closed with your last sentence. :-)

In the words, could have been said by old comic strip character by name of Pogo, "Them girls is only half baked, but you rock, Kelly!"