Monday, March 31, 2008

Now I can totally say we hung out together

Here is a picture of Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama
holding a copy of the newspaper I work for during his recent visit to our area.

obama copy
And, um, in case you missed it, I highlighted the most important part.
Jerry retrieved the paper saying, "Obama is holding a picture of your head!"

I think I'll start the story like this: "So this one time, when Barry and I were hanging out eating hot dogs and discussing the American political landscape ..."


Rebekah said...

Wow. I hope a President holds MY head someday... not literally, of course.

Randall said...

How fun!

Gisela said...

he's *so* hot. I want his hands all over my head, too!

the plainsman said...

Now I want to see you complete the hat down, two to go!

Seriously, great fun to be a part of history, eh?

Ray said...

OMG, that is so cool! And I didn't know you were on top of the front cover, like that. Very cool! Alli will be proud. Hehe. =)

Take, care.

chelsea said...

Thats awesome! Great headshot by the way! Mine is terrible, I have eyeliner smudged below my eyes because I had no time to clean myself up.

Anonymous said...

I was actually able to meet him a couple of times! I would love to hear about all of the campaign chaos from your point of view.

kristin said...

that's AWESOME!!! and that's a great photo of you by the way.