Friday, April 25, 2008

Best. Job perk. Ever.

One of our paper's photographers was just out shooting a fire hall barbecue fundraiser. When he came back to the news room, he was carrying what appeared to be a gigantic sandwich covered in tinfoil. It was so big that a reporter joked she saw it coming before he even rounded the corner.

"This is for you guys," he said. Then he proceeded to set down the gargantuan foil package, which all of a sudden filled the room with a savory aroma.


There were two racks and a side bucket of barbecue sauce. And, for the record, I heart ribs. I would forego perfume and dab rib sauce behind my ears if it was socially acceptable.

I jumped up and pulled paper plates and plasticware out of the office stash as a few others ripped open the package. We were like starved buzzards circling a carcass.

As I dug in, smearing sauce all over my face and up to my elbows, I couldn't help but think that sometimes it's good to be in the news business.

Don't tell my bosses, but I really would take an occasional rack of ribs over an annual health care package any day.


Ray said...

Haha! Ribs sure do rock. Yum. And that's a great job you have there, Kelly. =P

theZanyOne said...

LOL I love your daily insights. Always good for a laugh.

LeslieAnn said...

Hahaha, oh the perks of being a journalist. I wrote an article on the wine festival that's going on in the town I cover this weekend and today when I went to take photos of the festival they let me in free and gave me a festival/sampling glass and told me to have fun. I only tried a couple of the wines since I was by myself and hadn't eaten much (and it's like 95 here) but it was nice to stroll around and enjoy. Plus they were all Virginia wineries so now I know some that I can get at my grocery store that are excellent for summer.