Monday, April 7, 2008

Appeasing my mother

So my mom's not that great at dropping hints. All last week she was attempting to gently prod me to post some new photos of Allison. First it was, "No post today, huh?" The next day it was, "Have you taken any new pictures lately?" The next day she said, "I had to scroll back pretty far to find a picture of Allison." And finally, when she apparently couldn't take it anymore, she said, "Would you put up some pictures already?"


Alli always scoots down her wedge as she sleeps, which Jerry
more appropriately calls a "ramp." Every morning I find her in
the same position: sideways with her feet up in the air.

Toby has gotten to the point that he whines if I don't take his
picture. Whenever I pull out the camera, he demands equal time.

This is quickly becoming a favorite toy because it plays music.
Although, you wouldn't know it by the way she can launch it across a room.

Crocuses are my favorite flower because they're the first to pop up
in the spring, they're really vibrant and too small to be picked.
This one makes my day every time I pass it in our backyard.

Toby sharing the love the only way he knows how.


the plainsman said...

:) baby + :) dog + :) flower
equals a :) Kelly!

Are You Willing to Change? said...

Very cute pictures!

Amy said...

Toby and Allison are so cute together! Love the pics so glad you did post more!

Anonymous said...

Let me drop another HINT.........
take a video of what is going to happen to Allison on Tuesday...

your subtle mother

chelsea said...

Thats awesome your mom reads your blog! My mom would freak lol. Cute pics!

Ray said...

I find it so funny that you find her like that, every morning like you posted: "sideways with her feet up in the air." Love the picture with her and her new toy. Adorable. I love baby toys with a little face on it. And the last picture looks like Allison's ordering Toby around to kiss her feet. Though he doesn't seem to mind. She's quite the PRINCESS alright! ^o^

Take, care.

Anonymous said...

Kelly, Always - Always - Always LISTEN to your MOTHER!!!! Great Pics!

Anonymous said...

seems like toby incredibly misses being an only child. if you guys have another baby, i wonder how much more needy he will become! :P

shimajan said...

love the one of toby licking allison's foot!