Wednesday, April 30, 2008

He might not be able to kill a bee, but that's overrated anyway

As I was backing up my most recent photos, I found a few more that just had to be shared:

I can almost guarantee by the look on Alli's face that Jerry was whistling.

And to think we used to be worried we might be holding her wrong.

Flying baby.


Anonymous said...

Your daughter is beautiful!

I know this is very random, but does Jerry have any relatives that go to East Stroudsburg University? I'm a student there and there's a kid that looks just like him!

Shalini said...

They both look so blissfully happy!

Trac said...

Awww! What a good daddy!

They look so very much alike!

julie said...

Too cute.

Oh, and I think I registered for the same tub.

Julia said...

She is too cute!

Can you write about how you and Jerry met? Or link me to a post? I'm curious!


joanna said...


This makes me want to squeal! She's just so freakin CUTE!

the plainsman said...

Allison + Jerry + Photographer (& Mom) Kelly = Priceless

Ray said...

Those are all precious photos with daddy & daughter. I love Allison's expression in that 2nd photo. And Allison's beautiful little face reminds me of a cherub angel. Thanks for sharing them. =)

Take, care.

P.S. Here's a song I think you might enjoy (I heard it in, "Knocked Up" and fell in love with it. Even though I have no daughter, hehe. Fast forward to 2:30): .

Anonymous said...

She gets more adorable every day!
The pictures are so sweet. I can't imagine anyone being able to look at them and not have a huge smile on their face.

shimajan said...

such a happy baby!

Jennifer said...

I love that you said this.. "And to think we used to be worried we might be holding her wrong"

I grinned when I read that because I remember when you wrote a post about holding a friend's baby and how stiff your arms felt b/c you were afraid to move them in fear of hurting the baby. :-D

look how far you've come!! I'm so happy for you both! Its great to see parents evolve through the years with their kids. Watching you guys grow with Ali reminds me of my first go around with my oldest daughter Yuna. Thanks for the memories.

novelle360 said...

Anonymous #1: I don't think Jer is related to anyone at East Stroudsburg, but with Hillary Clinton being related to Angelina Jolie and Obama being related to Brad Pitt, who knows? Anything's possible, I guess.

Julia: I wrote a looong time ago about how we met. So long ago, that it sort of cracked me up when I just read it. Here's the link: