Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hoping for better by dawn's early light

I had a colossally bad day. So colossal that if I took the time to rehash everything that went wrong, it would likely take three years and my fingers would wear down past the second knuckle to become little worthless stubs.

Then I wouldn't be able to give anybody the finger, and sometimes that's the only antidote to a day like I just had.

But after stewing about it for hours to the point that I was able to feel the tension pulsing in my temple, I overheard a reporter relay a story in the news room that forced me to put things into perspective.

Apparently a 9-year-old girl was scheduled to sing the "Star Spangled Banner" a capella before the first pitch at our city's minor-league baseball stadium. Well, she fumbled the lyrics. Even though she was visibly shaken, I guess she managed to compose herself, restart from the beginning and complete the song to a standing ovation. Having sung that song at my college graduation, I can't even begin to say how commendable it is that she stuck with it.

But as she was walking off the field toward her mother, tears streaming down her face, she got so upset that she vomited all over the grass.

My heart just broke for her. My bad day will someday be a fleeting forgettable memory. She'll probably never forget that moment as long as she lives.

I just wish I could give her a hug.

And maybe show her how good it feels to give the world the middle finger sometimes.


Ray said...

Well, I hope in you and the girl giving the world the finger, that you both feel better soon. Because you're right sometimes the world deserves you flippin the bird, every once in a while. =) And I hope the girl can soon get ever her embarrasment. Because that must have been awful. Poor girl is right.

Take, care.

.xanga.com/the_plainsman said...

Too bad the girl coudn't have held together for only a few more steps...but what an achievement to have overcome her initial trouble. I hope that her close ones help her to focus on that accomplishment and not the stomach issues, which sometimes happen in life.

But better you could focus on something like her story to get you past the pulsing temple stage. And into the "give the world the middle finger sometimes" stage.

Timberly said...

I also had a horrible day. Must be something in the atmosphere.

Anonymous said...

You can sing too? Are there any other hidden talents?

chelsea said...

Poor girl! I hope today was better for you.

Candi said...

Aww, man. I feel awful for her just hearing about it. That had to be SO humiliating.

And I didn't know you could sing. I was sitting there thinking I loved your photo of the flower wondering if perhaps you've taken any courses in photography then I find out you can sing. Wow. :-)

ajandmac said...

Wow. Character.