Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I seriously need to remember to aim my camera at other things

I'm not sure whether or not my mother realized it at the time, but
when she gave Allison her new measuring spoon, it was permanently.

Courtney, sporting a "Team Baby" shirt and 25-week-pregnant belly,
couldn't have chosen a more appropriate top for the day. It was the
first time I had seen her since she found out and my first meeting with
the adorable Hanna, my friend Jaime's almost 3-month-old daughter.

You can't tell me there is anything
you would rather do than kiss those cheeks.

What you can't see in this picture are the four adults behind me
desperately trying anything and everything to get the girls to smile.

This is quite possibly my favorite photo of all time. I have plenty
of pictures of various people holding Alli during our trip home,
but no one got quite as big a reaction as my grandma did.

Before I left, I tested Toby's patience.

And every young lady needs a pink Adirondack chair
for poolside afternoons at grandma's house.


Candi said...

Pink Chair = Too cute!

julie said...

I love that Alli's grabbing her foot in most of those pictures. I also love that she has her left hand on your friend's belly like she's feeling the baby. And I love that huge grin!


Ah, screw it. I just love Alli's look in EVERY picture!!

Jen said...

Why would you even WANT to aim the camera at anything else?!?! Allison is just too darn cute. I love how she's got the "too cool for school" look in the picture of her in her sunglasses in the car seat. LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

Your little girl's smile is absolutely beautiful.

Marsha said...

Gorgeous!! Love the pink chair especially.

Lisa said...

Alli is soooo going to be the coolest girl by the pool this summer. It was WONDERFUL to see you and can't wait until you guys come home again!!! xo

Anonymous said...

wow all that hair!!

Ray said...

Awww, I think it's WONDERFUL that your friend Courtney's pregnant (too sweet)! I know you must be so happy for her & that you already told her what to expect. =)

Great photos as always. I love: the group shot, the photo of Allison and Hanna (what a head of hair Hanna has!), the photo with Allison with great-grandma and lastly Allison in that rockin' pink beach chair (adorable). Allison is really a beautiful baby. God bless her. <3

Take, care.

mia said...

she's growing up so fast!
i love that picture of she and your grandma. and the pink chair..and the sunglasses. hell i love them all (:

Randall said...

We saw those chairs at TJ Maxx the other day and my mother promptly exclaimed, "I need a granddaughter who needs a pink chair like that!" Um, okay... well, that won't be coming anytime soon from me so I'll show her the picture of Allison!

Rachel said...

adorable pictures! Alli is beautiful as always, and you look great!

Rachel said...

That is the CUTEST chair EVER!