Saturday, April 19, 2008

If you want honesty, ask an infant

Yesterday, my aunt Glrr decided to stop by on her way home from work to see Allison. Which really isn't "on the way" at all. It's completely out of the way. Like making a stop in Seattle on your way from New York to Philadelphia.

But it's good to know that I'm not the only adult who is helpless to resist the promise of baby coos, chubby cheeks and corn niblet toes.

Since they hadn't seen each other since December, I was eager to show off all of Allison's new tricks. Like how well she holds her head up, grasps things and crams them expertly into her mouth.

Not to mention the crazy sounds she makes when we're hanging out on the floor and I chomp on her sides.

Glrr, who seemed genuinely impressed, asked Allison, "Aw, do you love your mommy?"

My head was still positioned right over her to go in for another bite and then, as if right on cue, Alli got very quiet.

And farted right in my face.


Anonymous said...

LOL, that's real love right there :)

chelsea said...

Well thats one waying of saying "I love you"!

Ray said...


Kristin said...


Do you know what I think?
I think you should use an acronym such as "lol" in your next blog. That would make me very happy.


Candi said...

Haha, yeah, well at least you know she's comfortable with you! :-P

We need more pictures. :)

Lioncloud said...

To say nothing of the suspicious WTF? look she kept giving me when she realized that someone other than Mommy or Grandma-cita was holding her.