Thursday, April 24, 2008

I'm surprised I didn't hear the screaming even without turning on my radio

Jerry has done some crazy things on the air -- gotten water balloons launched at him with a giant sling shot, donned a bikini for a car wash fundraiser, choked down a teaspoon of cinnamon -- but yesterday he came home with the repercussions of a stunt I had forgotten about.

He got his chest hair waxed.

When he lifted up his shirt to reveal his mostly bare, red and raw skin, I just cringed. It looked like the worst case of razor burn I'd ever seen with a few rogue sprouts that didn't quite take to the hot wax.

"DON'T TOUCH IT!" he said when I reached out laughing. "My shirt hurts, the air hurts ... just thinking about it hurts."

Apparently it hurt so badly that halfway through he demanded they ignore the hair around his nipples. So he is bare chested -- with two dark circles of hair in the most hilarious spots.

When I got done wiping the tears from my eyes and regained my breath, I could suddenly relate. That's how my nipples felt when I first started nursing. I wanted to die when my shirt brushed against my skin and showers were complete agony. The only relief? Nipple cream made from lamb's wool oil.

So I dug out a tube and rubbed it all over his chest.

He was glistening and relieved.

Maybe they should market it to nursing moms AND victims of bad wax jobs.


Marina said...

That's why they should always do the nipples first. Then the rest of the chest doesn't seem as bad. :D

Or maybe that's why I should never become a waxer.

Ray said...

Hahahaha! Jerry is so brave! I admire that he's so adventurous. And cute that you two could relate. ;o)

Take, care.

theZanyOne said...

LOL He's too much! I would to be a fly on the wall in your house for two days. I would have enough things to laugh about for life, I imagine.

Hope things are well with you!

chelsea said...

Oh man, he must be a hit on Youtube by now!

~rita @ said...

No photos? :(

julie said...

Jerry's a brave soul.

So are you still breast feeding Alli? Breast feeding does get better right? Please tell me it doesn't hurt that bad the whole time...

Cindy said...

We need pictures!

the plainsman said...

Well, mabe the description was enough, no photo required. But is it really on you tube? LOL