Friday, April 18, 2008

Apparently nearing my expiration date

I decided yesterday to make an impromptu visit to New York and take advantage of a four-day weekend. So I packed up Allison and the two of us took a road trip late last night.

Everyone has been calling and e-mailing saying the same thing:

"I hear Allison's in town!"

If I was ground beef at the grocery store, a shelf stocker would've slapped a bright orange REDUCED PRICE sticker on my forehead.


Ray said...

Awww, sorry to hear that Kelly! I still love you though! Hehe. ;o) But on the bright side: "Everyone's just interested in seeing the product of your love (okay I know that was corny)." And who wouldn't be?! If that makes you feel any better.

On another note: I hope your 4-day weekend with Allison is fun.

Take, care. <3

Anonymous said...

i know how you feel, except its always my hubby. we dont have kids yet but i am sure when we do it will be the same way.

julie said...

I'm already anticipating much of the same after my baby arrives. Julie who?

Go have a Tom Wahl's cheeseburger for me, wouldja?

fiona said...

When I was nine months pregnant, my sister took to making introductions by pointing to my belly and saying, "this is Katie." Followed a good 10 seconds later by, "oh, and this is my sister, Jackie."

Kristin said...

I see how you feel.
I hope your weekend is fun though.


Shalini said...

Welcome to motherhood, where they just tolerate you.

Traci said...

I know just what you mean. Not too long ago I was holding my baby at church when an old lady came up, cooed at him and asked my husband (standing right beside me) was I not there? Ha!

I think you disappear behind the baby.