Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Month 5

Dear Alli,

You have teeth! Two of them miraculously sprouted out of your bottom gums a few weeks ago and I nearly fell over when I realized I hadn't noticed any change in your temperament or behavior. I mean, having solid objects forcefully shove their way out of the soft tissue in your mouth can't be a pleasant experience. But you didn't so much as whimper. I give you two gold stars -- one for each central incisor.

I suppose I should've noticed when your drool started rivaling Niagara Falls. In a matter of seconds, you can soak through two layers of clothes, my shirt, a blanket and still have enough to make a pool on the floor for Toby to swim in.

Just yesterday we were over at your cousin Emily's house, and when you started leaking, she couldn't take it. "ALLISON IS SPITTING ON THE FLOOOOOOR!"

Never mind that their house is under renovation and it's just a subfloor covered with construction dust. You were spitting in her house. Where she might walk. In her new flip flops. And I watched as her little 4-year-old head almost exploded from the audacity of it all.

Then, as another drip cascaded down with a splat, you smiled and all was forgiven. Emily spent the next five hours trying to get you to show her your two-tooth grin.

You won me over with that smile months ago. I guess it's time I share it.


You also discovered your feet this month. Two of them! On the end of your legs! What captivating extremities!

Now you can't keep your hands off of them. Putting you in a diaper is like a professional wrestling match. I'm pretty sure that at 5-months-old you could qualify as a top contender for a WWE main event.

I can practically hear the words, "Let's get ready to RUMMMBLE!" when I catch an unsavory whiff coming from your butt. I carry you to your changing table, spend 43 minutes trying to pry your interlocked fingers and toes apart so you flop into a straight line, then I jam the diaper around you as fast as I can before your hands and feet become one solid mass of knuckles again.

You win.

I'll hang your world championship belt above your door.


Apparently farting noises are out. That was so February. You've matured since then.

Whistling is in.

Well, your father's pathetic attempt at whistling anyway. He's never been able to whistle, but he's getting damn close with all of the practice he's getting these days. I'm not sure how he stumbled upon your latest obsession, but you love watching him struggle to get a note out.

He just sort of holds you close, furrows his brow and blows his entire lung capacity of air through his pursed lips. Your hair fluffs with each puff and you smile and grin and look at me as if to say, "This guy? He's hilarious. Can we keep him?"

We can.


Most of the time you're such a quiet thoughtful baby. I look at you and think you must be pondering the laws of quantum physics. Or whether the atom really is the smallest particle that composes a chemical element.

Then, all of a sudden, you turn into a shrieking banshee who seems to simply enjoy the sounds coming out of her mouth. You're not crying or upset. You just start yelping "AAAAIIIIiiiieeeEEEE! AAAAIIIIiiiieeeEEEE! AAAAIIIIiiiieeeEEEE!" over and over and over until I can't take it anymore and I press the magical sound button on one of your toys.

Then, just as quickly as it started, you stop and listen. You love music. It doesn't matter if it's your dad's death metal, your singing stuffed pink dragon named Bernice, my latest obsession with John Legend or The Wiggles crooning about hot potatoes and cold spaghetti.

We've pressed the music button on your baby beach band drum so many times that it's already not quite able to hit the high notes anymore. The irreplaceable battery is slowly dying and I'm positive you'll want absolutely nothing to do with it once it doesn't sing anymore.

I'm not sure which one of us is going to be more upset. That thing has kept you quiet long enough for me and your father to cram a few hot meals into our mouths. In between forkfuls, we take turns pressing the music button because you're so content to listen.

I may write a letter to the company asking that they send me a few thousand more of the magical song buttons.

The toy? Meh.


My favorite part of your development this month is that you've become so interactive. Or, as your PA grandma would say, "She's people!"

You've stopped just looking behind me when I'm carrying you around and now turn to face forward. And wouldn't you know there's a whole bunch of stuff going on up there.

Like that crazy glass of orange juice you want to be a part of every morning. On more than one occasion, you've dunked your entire fist in. Or the open cabinet door you swing on its hinges. Or the remote control you want to shove in your mouth. Or grabbing at dad's disgusting bologna, salami, roast beef and ham sandwich. Or my toothbrush. Or Toby's wet nose.

You also invented your own version of peek-a-boo combined with hide-and-seek. I call it peek-and-seek.

When I'm holding you in a mirror and you turn to face me, I act bowled over with surprise, you shriek and bury your head in my shoulder. Then, just when you think I can't see you facing the other way, I turn so that you're looking at the mirror again and WOA! I'm over THERE too!

Life with you is full of such simple pleasures. I cherish every one.



the plainsman said...

These are a wonderful record for Allison to have (and for us to read)...of love that can not be captured in photographs and videos alone. She is very lucky to have this Kelly person as her mom.

Marsha said...

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. I love your letters to her. I love the pictures, she is truly one of the most gorgeous babies I've ever seen..........and I had two gorgeous ones of my own so that's saying a lot. LOL

And on the drool. My youngest was a huge drool monster, and she loved hanging over a person's arm. So you'd take her somewhere and she'd hang upside down, just drooling puddles onto the floor. The best place I ever took her was a Pet store. I figured they were used to it!!
Anyway, I don't comment much but I love hearing about your and your baby and hubby and tag-along Toby.

julie said...

I love these each month. She's growing so fast.

grace said...

so sweet :)

lovely letter and lovely pics, she's adorable!

Jen said...

Adorable. I know Allison will really love getting to read these when she gets older. Its very heart felt. I wish I did something like this for my daughters!

I on the other hand will most likely embarrass my girls with my old blogs. My blog today had video of my youngest (16 months old) using the potty. Granted it was shot from her chest up and was real adorable... but I'm sure if she sees it when she gets older, she'll want to kill me. :-)

Have a great day, I look forward to reading Month 6. Allison is so adorable and the pictures you have taken are truely beautiful!

chelsea said...

She's beautiful! I love reading your letters to Alli they're wonderful!

Anonymous said...

your writing sucks. your daughter looks more like a son. she is not cute at all. you are an ugly and fat cow.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what you're planning to do with the letters that you write monthly to Allison (which I think is a very cute thing to do!), but blurb.com can print it into a book for you, if you desire. =)

kelly said...

Yes, I know I approved one of the negative comments that prompted me to begin screening them in the first place, but this one makes me particularly sad. Not for me, for the commenter. I have a feeling she’s incredibly down with life. If you feel so inclined, lets give her some love.

As for the insults themselves? Part of what I love so much about babies is that they’re androgynous. They haven’t been socialized yet to look a certain way simply because of what parts they were born with. And that’s precicely what makes them so beautiful.

And I’m a woman with a very healthy body image. I’m sure most moms would agree that after giving birth, they have never had more respect for what their body can do. And I’ve never felt more beautiful.

And who wants to be uber skinny when there's chocolate in life?

Ray said...

And I THOUGHT I was seeing things, in the second photo of Alli with the hat that Gisela got her! I thought: "Are those some TEETH that I see?!!" And surely I was right, when you wrote about it, in this entry. That's crazy that at not even five months she had teeth. She's an early bloomer I guess.

Also that peek and seek game sounds adorable. Bless that little girl you have, she's wonderful. <3

Take, care.

Rachel said...

Beautiful letter. She gets cuter with every picture!

Andromeda said...

She is absolutely, positively adorable. And her early interest in music is promising - she sounds already like a wonderfully bright child. :)

Jennifer said...

Amen Kelly!