Sunday, April 13, 2008

Our AARP cards should come in the mail any day now

Yesterday Jerry went to a Pittsburgh Pirates game with his brother-in-law; our 14-year-old nephew, Nate; and one of his friends from school. Well, Jerry came home with two stories proving that we are officially considered old among the teen set:

  • When a song came on the radio during the drive and Jerry started talking about the band, Nate's friend asked incredulously, "You know who Blink 182 is?"

    Jerry, blinking 182 times, said, "Yeah, buddy, they're my age."

  • When the boys whipped out their cell phones during the game and started texting like crazy, Jerry asked, "What are you guys doing?"

    Taking him literally, Nate's friend said, "This is called text messaging."

Right. Now please excuse me while I go round up my denture cream so I can put my teeth in for the day.


gorakagaz said...


Ray said...

Hahaha! That's funny. Too bad Nate's friend doesn't know how cool you and Jerry are! Hehe. AARP cards coming in the mail: "Pssshhh!" ;o)

Sarah said...

That's so sad! I'd expect that out of a kid talking to their grandparents, not you guys!

Anonymous said...

if a teen thinks you're old presently, then when allison becomes a teen she'll think you two are ancient. ah, something to look forward to! and she'll probably think you're even older when you start stories with "When I was your age..." :D Have fun & Good Luck!

Marina said...

Hahahaha. Ahhhh, teens.

Andromeda said...

Yeah, that's gotta sting.