Sunday, April 20, 2008

Rivaling Mount Vesuvius

Yesterday was my first solo shopping outing with the bambino, and about halfway through, I started wondering why I ever waited so long. What had I been afraid of?

Then Allison refreshed my memory.

She had been so pleasant and wonderful that I found myself actually meandering through the aisles of Target rather than speeding from one area of the store to another, frantically trying to grab everything on my list.

When she lost interest in her toes, I handed her one of the toys that I had stowed away in my purse. When she lost interest in that, I handed her the second toy I had packed.

Then, much like a volcano that's about to erupt, she started huffing and puffing.

Baby sunscreen. I needed sunscreen.



A smile, good.



Another smile. Thank you, lord.

Huff. Yelp.

Where in the hell is the sunscreen?





Sunscreen dammit. It's gotta be here somewhere.


WAAaaa. AAAhhhufff.





Oooh! Look at this toy you've totally lost interest in! Wee! FUN!


THERE IT IS! Okay. We're leaving ... PEEK-A-BOO!


By the time I made it through a line to pay, I was practically shoving money down the cashier's throat. I felt like just giving her my entire purse, saying "This outta cover it," and running out of the store.

If Alli had really been a volcano, her wails would've been deadly molten lava killing everyone and everything in her wake. First of all, me.

Then, not three seconds into our drive, she was asleep and stayed that way for two hours after I got back home.

But I'm not sure who was more exhausted -- her or me.


Anonymous said...

Because maybe as a new mom you're worried about what others will think. If you know she was fed and changed before you left, let her scream. Older moms will think it won't hurt her to exercise her lungs, young moms will sympathize. Either way, she'll be fine....maybe even better once she realizes you can stay calm. Plus it's good practice for once she's 2 and insisting on the treats near the register. I hope it means no when you say no.

Kristin said...

That's what happens when you forget why you wouldn't bring her out in the first place =P


Candi said...

Wow, I so relate. But it's really not that bad every time. Really. :-)

Ray said...

"Oooh! Look at this toy you've totally lost interest in! Wee! FUN!"

^^"Haha. Good one."

It's funny the way life works out sometimes. I guess it's also life's way of telling you that: not everything will go your way. Allison probably conked out as soon as she got in the car because, she was exhausted from driving you nuts! Hehe. Hope your next outing alone with her is better. But at least you found the baby sunscreen. =)

Hopefully it was baby sensitive, because you never know with sunscreen (even baby sunscreen).

Well, take care.

Marcy said...

I've found that if Donovan starts getting fussy while we're out, and I know it's not b/c of hunger or dirty diaper, doing a few fast rounds around the store with the stroller tends to calm him down or even get him to sleep. But I have to walk at a brisk enough pace, or else it's a no-go. Maybe that can buy you a few extra minutes next time?