Sunday, April 6, 2008

We'll never joke that he can't get any closer again

We've long since accepted that our dog has major attachment issues. It usually translates into nearly stepping on him if we're not careful, never having a free lap and dealing with him sleeping underneath the covers between our ankles.

But last night Toby took his neurosis to a whole new level.

Jerry woke up with Toby inside his shirt.


With Toby's head poking out his right sleeve.

If Jerry hadn't woken me up to witness it myself, I never would've believed him. Then I watched as Toby yawned, popped his head back into the shirt, tried to crawl out the neck hole and eventually Jerry evicted him forcefully when Toby decided to take a pit stop -- literally, when he started licking his armpit.

So I won't be surprised when Toby gets out a needle and thread and surgically attaches himself to Jerry's torso.


Marcy said...


ajandmac said...

Haha! How hysterical! It's times like this when you can be thankful that Toby is only 6 inches long and not a mammoth 100-pounder like my Cubby! Peace,

Janice said...

Wow, that's kind of amazing. At least he's small!

Ray said...

OMG, Toby is insane. That is funny, alright! I think you need to take him to a doggy therapist, to help Toby with his attachment issues. LOL! =)

Take, care.

P.S. I wish we could have gotten a photo of that. But I realize you're NOT taking photos 24/7, hehe!

amy said...

How funny!! Did you take a picture of that?

chelsea said...

Yeah, good thing he is small! My dog runs around my bed when I'm trying to sleep until I pet him.

Sheryl said...

Thanks! I needed that laugh!

Bitchy Mom said...

LOL! Seriously, I think our dogs came from the same family, if not the same mother!!!

Although Mini has never slipped into my shirt, she has at least tried on numerous occasions.

You have a weird little pup and I can definitely sympathize. :-)

theZanyOne said...

IT still amazes me when our Westie somehow manages to kick us both out of bed at night. For small dogs, they can up a lot of space. Of course, I haven't had the pleasure of him crawling up my shirt yet. I just can't go to the bathroom on my own anymore.

yvonne said...

HAHA, that made my day. Ridiculous Toby =)