Friday, May 2, 2008

Non-sleeping beauty

I've run into an issue that I'm hoping some moms can weigh in about. Alli is usually a really great sleeper, but the past two nights have been horrendous. She woke up almost every hour last night -- every two hours the night before -- and I'm more than a little ragged.

Here are my thoughts:

  • Either she's hitting a growth spurt and is trying to increase my milk supply.
  • She's learned that I come instantly when she peeps, so why sooth herself back to sleep when mom can do it for me?
  • She's ready to start on solids. (But, I'm not convinced on this because she's fine all day.)



Ray said...

Well I'm not a momma, so I'll just let the mother's take care of this one. I was wondering though: How long does Allison sleep? And how many times does she wake up for a feeding throughout the night?

I hope that this non-sleeping beauty becomes a, "Sleeping Beauty" very soon. ;o)

Take, care.

Magsie said...

From my own experience, if you run into her every time she awakens she will learn to expect it and you will suffer in the long run- it will be a very hard habit to break. I can see peeking to make sure she's ok, but surely she doesn't need to eat every hour or two; she's old enough not to. Just my opinion- we each have to do what we feel is best for our own.
Luck to you with this!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a developmental sleep regression to me. Every time my son (who's 12 days older than your daughter) is on the verge of learning something new, his sleep is awful for a few days. If not that, then I would say she's hit her six month growth spurt and you're correctly assuming she's trying to increase your milk supply.

Rachel said...

My guess would be growth spurt or more teeth coming in. Solids might help keep her full longer through the night if she is getting hungry. Are you feeding her when she wakes up? Or just rocking her back to sleep? My daughter has a cold keeping her up half the night, but it sounds like you have a different problem!

Anonymous said...

Maybe she is teething?

By the way - I read your blog all the time and LOVE IT. You are a gifted writer.

-Mom of one daughter in Missouri

Kristin said...

I wish I could help.
I'm daughterless though.
Thank god =]

Good luck on that, though =]]


Bitchy Mom said...

I would bring her into bed with you for a couple of nights, until she starts sleeping through the night again.

My girl has never slept in her crib. She sleeps in bed with me and hubby. We're a co-sleeping family, which I know some people don't agree with, but it works well for us.

I don't think it has anything to do with solids. My girl just turned 9 months and I just started feeding her this week. She's always been an excellent sleeper and food hasn't changed that.

Hope she starts sleeping for you again. Watch that YOU don't eat caffeine or sugar before bed. That might keep her up.

sarahhhhh said...

teething? gas? too long nap during day? needs more playing, wearing out time before bed?

-- these are all things i checked with my kitten to make her sleep longer in the mornings. haha

Anonymous said...

My son has reflux just like your daughter and he was doing the same thing when he was about 5 months old. The doctor said that he probably wasn't actually that hungry that often but that he wanted the bottle because he knew it pushed down the reflux that was hurting him. She suggested we start him on solids and it worked like a charm. He's seven months old now and doing great!

Anonymous said...

When my kids are going through growth spurts they would sleep more. From my own expierience I think she is looking for you to soothe her back to sleep. With my daughter I would go in everytime she made a peep and rpck her back to sleep. When my son would wake up I would let him try to work it out for a few minutes (unless he was totally freaking out) and he would usually knock back out. Good luck!

Cindy said...

I'm not a Mommy either, but I was thinking maybe she's starting to slowly grow out of the usual naps she's been getting. Do you think maybe the changing weather has anything to do with it? Is she catching a cold or developing allergies to something in the air? Weird noises in the house? New food not agreeing with her little belly?

Jennifer said...

As an experienced mom of 2, I think its a combo of #1 and #2.

It happens, they will sleep great for weeks/months at a time, then out of the blue they are up every few hours again. Usually its a growth spurt. Yes it could have something to do with the fact that you come to her as soon as she stirs too. Yes you DO have to let them self soothe buuut don't worry, she's still young and I don't think that's the main issue anyway. That more of a problem later on.

As far as solids, with both my girls I started on the rice cereal at 6 months. 1 small feeding of it a day and slowly increase. Allison isn't quite there yet though..

In a few days I'm willing to bet she'll be back to her routine, most likely even a little extra sleepy. It sure is a shake up as a parent though huh? They seem to be doing so great sleeping through the night and BAM its back to those early days of NO sleep. Hang in there momma!

jsi said...

6 months brings so many different things, like additional teeth and additional growing. But April/May for me has always brought about a desire to be outside more. We have needed to visit the doctor this week for medicine because of springtime sickness.
Have you spent extra time outside? Have you been fastidious about keeping a hat on your little one? Ear irritations can happen so easily, especially from days which only feel like a gentle balmy breeze. Any ear tugging or slight fever will make anyone feel poorly,and show up when lying down or during sleepy times.
I hope you are able to figure it out soon - a full night's sleep make a difference to the whole house.

Marsha said...

A mom of two. Now, I admit I'm a cosleeping, attachment parenting mom. But I won't push that on you. I will say that she is probably getting ready to do something like sit up or crawl or have teeth.

She wouldn't "suddenly" start expecting you to come soothe her. OK, I'll push a tiny bit: what else do you want her to learn? That it is her against the big bad world at six months old? But hey, that's just me. I know you are a good mom.

Her nap routine might start changing too. It must be so hard on you to also have to be somewhat awake for work, too. I feel for you!

And if she expresses interest in food, I'd let her have some. Is she really six months already? Wowsers!!

Another thing to consider: are you still pumping or have you switched to some formula? Maybe she's having a tough time adjusting or something??

Shalini said...

I agree with Jennifer.. who said it's probably a combo of 1 and 2.. and this early.. they do realize that they can control (I mean manipulate) via crying... but I used to let her cry for about 5 minutes and then if the crying wasn't stopping is when I went it.. Good luck, I'm sure that it will go back to her routine of good sleep again!

Traci said...

Personally I don't buy into the whole "cry it out" thing. Babies are babies and they need you...even if it's just for some extra love b/c they are going through something new. Which I would guess is what Allison is going through. She is just at that age when she's learning new things, teeth are popping up, and so on.

My baby is 9 months old and sleeps according to how he feels, what kind of day he's had, and what his life is like at the moment. (You know, like adults do!)

I wouldn't rush the solids. When she's ready you'll notice her reaching for YOUR food and putting everything in her mouth. For my son this was about 6 months. This is about when most babies lose the reflex to push solids out of their mouth to avoid choking. You just have to observe her and do what you think.

The most important thing to remember is that no matter what this will pass! Soon Allison will be a big girl in a big girl bed and you'll never even think about her waking up at night. Try to be patient with her and love her as much as possible while she still fits so neatly in your arms!

Good luck, God bless!

Karen said...

When Catrin started waking at about this age I used Teething Powders (Ashton and Parsons but I'm in Wales GB so you might have a different make) morning and night and it settled her stomach. I also found feeding her lying down she soon fell asleep again and I wasn't fully awake so less disturbed sleep.

Karen x