Thursday, May 22, 2008

Do you like waffles?

As I was perusing to find e-cards to send to Gisela and Julie, I came across one that just HAD to be sent to someone.

It was so random, so bizarre, so Gisela.

(View it here.)

So I filled it out, explaining that I had no idea what the hell kind of occasion the card was designed for, but it just screamed to be sent to her inbox.

Later that day, she wrote back:

WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF?!?!?! super random!!!

PS- This was hard to watch, as I am on a strict low carb diet :-P

Note to self: Don't send dancing waffles to friends restricting their carb intake. Especially when the intention of the card in the first place was TO CHEER THEM UP.


Timberly said...

That card is the coolest!

Gisela said...

LOL!!! KELLY, you crazy fool. I was as enticed as I could be from however much one can be enticed by a CARTOON waffle. Trust me, it cheered me up plenty to see my Forbidden Fruit sailing through oceans of animated syrup whilst being serenated by a pink falsetto-voiced rabbit and ... uh, what the heck is the other one, anyway?!

Thank you for thinking of me.

Jen said...

Leggo my eggo!

Wow now I really want some breakfast food, I don't even care that it's lunch time.

kelly said...

To Timberly and Gisela:

Dude, I love you guys.

aahcoffee said...

I am so glad you posted that. I am in a weight loss competition with 6 ladies, and I just sent all of them that card. LOL!!!!

chelsea said...

Maybe they're trying out for a new Eggo commercial. Haha gotta love Hoops and Yoyo!

Ray said...

Haha. How ironic!!

And that is the cutest card ever. Hoops & Yoyo is so cool. =) I remember finding out about them from you, when you did that video of Jerry playing with them, as well as Toby. Hehe. ;o)

Take, care.

Anonymous said...

Kelly, Gisela and Julie are so lucky to have a great friend like you!
I know they both love you very much.
I am still praying for all 4 of them.

Anonymous said...


This is off topic and I apologize...I really enjoy reading your blog and many of the topics you write about have given me perspective in my own situation (I am a new mom too). But I was wondering if there is a site you could recommend to me where moms share stories, questions, and concerns...perhaps a forum?

Thank you.

kelly said...

There are a few sites I like:

the plainsman said...

LOL! Have not make pancakes and eggs and sausages for breakfast outside on the grill (iron griddle on top of grill) yet this year. Might plug in the old waffle iron, too. I wonder if they have healthy whole wheat pancake flour now?

caitlin said...

That card is hilarious... and ridiculously absurd! I sent it to pretty much everyone I know.