Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Because what's a blog without a little self-deprecation once in awhile?

One of my favorite things to do when I visit my parents' house is to look through all my old photo albums, flip through my yearbooks and basically just reminisce. And on my last trip, I thought, why not share the fun?

Modeling my oh-so-stylish grey corduroy jumper
and bowl cut that followed me through childhood.
This was my very first ferret that I named Christina.
Why? Because my parents didn't name me that.
And I remember totally resenting them for it.

JAZZ HANDS! (Yep, I'm the tall, gangly thing in the back center.)

Here's a closeup of my inability to get my hair in a bun.
I remember my mom practically ripping it out of my head,
trying to get it to stay, then eventually giving up and
Aqua-Netting the crap out of it. Sadly, not even my awesome
sparkly sequined headband did the trick.

Even better? My graceful claw fingers and closed eyes. I'm sure
all four of the other mothers were very eager to pay top dollar for this gem.

Next on the tall, gangly tour, here is my
seventh-grade field hockey photo. Nice how the
photographer captured the tennis team in the background.
And my super crooked self-cut bangs.

Here I'm singing during a dress rehearsal for "Annie" where I
played an orphan. I was in fifth grade and thought I was
so cool hanging out at the high school. With high schoolers
and everything. In my smock and long underwear.

Then there was that time I bought a box of blond hair dye
right before my boyfriend's junior prom. And it turned out
orange. And my hairdresser did her best to fix it. I think
she thought the bigger she made it, the less people would notice.
The only thing giving it competition? My GIGANTIC CORSAGE.

And as if you needed any more proof to solidify my awesome taste
and style, among all the photos, I found this poster. Long-live NKOTB.


Marcy said...

OMG I scrolled down to the close-up of you from the jazz-hands photo and, well, little Alli is your spittin' image.

My best friend just went to the first NKOTB reunion concert in NYC. I think she wore one of the concert t-shirts she bought when she went to see them when they were together the first time.

Marsha said...

You really were such a cute child, and beautiful teenager. I can see how it would be hard for you to see that, though. And the one with the big, orange hair and dress that looks like a slip? It's the height of fashion right now.

Erin in Scranton said...

The guy on the far right of the NKOTB poster has this expression on his face like: What am I doing with these losers?

the plainsman said...

"Christina," the hair might have not turned out as intended, but you still managed to look pretty happy in that photo. Well, all of them, despite "wrong" name, "bad" hair, "gangly" tour and "small" flowers!

Allison is going to love going though your archives as she grows.

Ps. I like "Kelly" better.

Erin said...

Danny's hat says it all...

I was so peeved when I went to look at NKOTB tickets and found out that decent ones were about the $200 mark. Doh!

Cindy said...

You know that NKOTB is making a comeback and is going back out on tour?! You should tease your hair, put on your Hypercolor shirt, your slap bracelet, acid wash jeans, and join all the squealing girls who will be HANGIN' TOUGH!

chelsea said...

I love the prom pic! The younger pics are cute! Our senior prank was fun! Until we found out someone had a horrible reaction to latex and we were forced to pop all 1,000+ balloons.

petra said...

Thanks for sharing.

I think I had that very same NKOTB poster because I recall that pose and look on Donnie's face. :D Yeah, I had my room wallpapered with NKOTB posters at one point...

Randomneuralfirings said...

I note that you are so out of touch of all things "KNOTB" that you can't even get all the initials in the right order. And because of that there may still be hope for you. :-P

Then again, I'm the one who noticed...

Gisela said...

dude. Claw hands made me LOL all day. WTF!!!!

Ray said...

I love the fact that you'd share with us your old photos. It shows that you're confident about yourself, and that's great.

Also, you look the same before as you do now (that's a compliment)! =) And I tried to get my hair blonde as well (I was trying to get red hair, and to this day I still want red hair so badly) and it came out orangish too. That's what I get for having black as my natural hair color!

And omygoodness you played an orphan in the play, "Annie?!" That's so cool. Me and my cousin had this big love for Annie when we were younger. We loved singing, "The sun will come out tomorrow!" Especially my cousin, she burned that song out. Hehe. Wish we could go back in time and see how you did in the play!

Well, take care.

sarahhhh said...

haha, yes... claw hands.

my dance pictures are worse.

Candi said...

Well I think you were adorable.

Anonymous said...

you must LOVE the fact that New Kids are trying for a come-back!!! You and alli could share the love of bad boy band music with the SAME bad boy band!!! how funny!

Annie said...

Kelly! I laughed so hard at those pics, not because of you, but because most of mine are relatively similar! You did forget however your fabulous 7th grade year book picture! Who was that guy that you dated? anyway thanks for the laugh, miss you and see you at Court's shower!