Tuesday, May 13, 2008


After I made mimosas for breakfast on Mother's Day:
"These are so GOOD! If I had known, I would've gotten drunk on these all through college. ... And my puke would've tasted better, too!"

Reflecting on sex while the TV was running and the Pittsburgh Penguins scored in the NHL Eastern Conference Finals:
"It was awesome. The buzzer was going crazy, everyone was screaming ... it was like 54,000 people were cheering me on."

While ordering take out, debating the difference between an Italian sub and a Super Italian sub:
"The super one probably comes with a silk shirt, hair gel and gold chains."


LeslieAnn said...

I love Jerryisms. I especially love the Italian one. :)

LeslieAnn said...

Also, go Penguins! (I'm hoping for a Wings vs. Penguins final match-up. My two favorite teams!!! What could be better?)

Janice said...

HAHA I love the Pens one. I'm hoping for a Wings/Pens final (No offense, obviously, because the Pens are my second favorite team...but the Wings are my first). Great quotes, Jer!

phinsterooni said...

Novelle! You may not remember me, but I remember you! I left the world of xanga ages ago, and lost touch with anyone on it. But I wandered in the other day and found that you had a new site. I'm still catching up, but I'm enjoying your posts as much as ever. Congratulations on the baby btw and happy belated mother's day.

novelle360 said...

phinsterooni! Wizzaw!

Dang, it's been a long time. So glad you commented. Add me so I can check out your blog!

Ray said...

Those were great. Especially, the last one. ;o)