Tuesday, May 6, 2008

No truer words have ever been printed on a bib

When I was visiting my parents' house a few weeks ago, my stepdad kept remarking how Allison was really eyeing my food with interest.

Then I held up the salt shaker and she was just as eager to grasp that and cram it in her mouth.

"Point taken," he said, laughing.

But the truth is, over the past few weeks, I've noticed she gets frustrated when I don't allow her to grab whatever food I'm eating. And because she's already six months old if you're counting by weeks, I figured her digestive tract would be developed enough to handle her first "food."

I say "food," because it's really not. It's just the tiniest amount of single-grain rice flakes mixed with a few tablespoons of boob juice. It was reminiscent of the days I tapped a few sprinkles of fish flakes on top of my goldfish aquarium.

But regardless of whether it can be considered "food" or not, it's a big deal. So, we did what any first-time parents would do when encountering a milestone in their child's life: we charged up the video camera battery.

And then prepared the food, got out a bib and washed the spoons and stuff.

I'm not sure if it's because we have been giving Alli a measuring spoon to play with recently, or because she was completely starving, but she attacked her "food" with gusto. By the second spoonful, she was grasping it and putting it into her mouth on her own, making the job of not spraying it all over the walls and ceiling very difficult.

Jerry captured most of it on a ridiculously shaky video that makes me feel like I'm watching "Blair Witch Project" -- only with less snot and more drool. A few times the camera zooms to the ground while he admittedly looks for the dog, then snaps back to Alli when I say, "Whoa! Did you get that?"

No. No he didn't.

And he didn't get Toby either.

So I took over the camera duty.

By the time Jerry and I traded spots, Allison was coated in it. At one point, the puddle on her bib was bigger than the puddle in her bowl, so we just started scooping out of her bib and putting it back in her mouth. Then it cascaded over her lips back to the bib and we started the process all over again.

It was awesome.

A little more than halfway through, Alli nearly impales herself with the spoon, and her hilarious reaction -- an involuntary single eye twitch -- is like watching the body's natural instincts at work.


And, if you listen carefully, in the background you can hear Toby as his collar hits the side of his metal bowl, then the scatter of kibble as he drops his food on the floor.

He's saying, "LOOK! ... HEY! ... OVER HERE! ... I CAN EAT ALL BY MYSELF, TOO!"


Shalini said...

I love the bib!! (and you're right so true)

She looks soooo insanely hungry like she was never fed before... I think they all look the same during meal time!

Allison's so adorable! I can't believe it's already been 6 months! Time's flying!

Anonymous said...

:-))....THATS A VERY VERY CUTE VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LeslieAnn said...

Hahaha, I love the noises she makes. Seems like she may be thinking, "Give it to me nowwwww!" She's so cute and growing so much! :D

Timberly said...

So incredibly precious. I can't wait to see her -- and, of course, you -- next month.

Julie said...

I always found that I got much more food in their mouth when I kept a spoon and gave them their own spoon to flail around. :)

Traci said...

Yep! I think she was ready for solids!

She is so adorable!

Anonymous said...

That bib is so perfect. I love it. She does act like she hasn't seen food in months. It's pretty cute if you ask me.

chelsea said...

That bib is adorable! She's getting so big!!

Ray said...

I love Allison's EAGERNESS to eat! =) She sure is so flippin' adorable! God bless her. There's no doubt that you are the parent of an unbelievably, precious baby.

The thought never occured to me to give a baby a spoon, to prepare them for semi-solids. That's a pretty good idea. And Toby's eating disorder is funny.

Take, care.

the plainsman said...

The eye movement made me LOL! Maybe that extra sppon idea has some merit. Unless its time for dueling spoons, that is!

Janice said...

That is so great. She's just like "GIMMEEEE!"

Anonymous said...

soooo cute! you may have a little better luck if you make the cereal a little thicker - just a suggestion! I have a 7 month old who started sleeping 8 hours a night shortly after we started cereal at 5 months - I hope you have the same luck!