Monday, May 19, 2008

What the company's ads really should say

Our latest home renovation is a lot more significant than any of the other cosmetic upgrades we've done since moving in, if a lot less flashy.

We're installing new windows.

This winter, I had to make sure I was sitting before opening our gas bill. Each month it seemed to get higher and higher, and usually came the day after we had just replaced all four tires on Jerry's car or paid our homeowner's insurance, causing me to wonder if we should start investing in lottery tickets.

Add in the fact that we have a 107-year-old house with original windows, some of them cracked from trying to pry them open when they swell in the summer heat, and the dollars were flowing out of the house. On really cold nights, I could actually see the blinds moving.

Not knowing a thing about windows, we mentioned it to our neighbor who installs a few new ones on his house every year -- a project Jerry helped him with last summer.

Being the awesome guy that he is, Dave agreed to help us order from a wholesaler and install them. A few weeks later, 10 gigantic double-hung windows were delivered to our door and are currently leaning against the ones they will eventually replace.

If you had asked me even five years ago how I would feel about investing in windows, I would've shrugged. Why buy windows when the world is filled with shoes I don't own yet? And the new summer clothing collection just came out at my favorite store? And, ooh! This pink handbag!

But now I'm all, "WINDOWS! WE'RE GETTING WINDOWS!" to anyone within earshot. I may even put a picture of them next to Allison's on my desk at work.

The task is tedious. Jerry and Dave installed one a few days ago and it took about three hours to pry out the old one, remove the century-old pulley system, fill the space with insulation and wedge in the new window, sealing it with caulk.

It was on a cold rainy day and the chill in the house that resulted from the gaping hole in the living room was a little unpleasant, but I didn't even care. The window is beautiful. We got a free argon gas upgrade that blocks UV rays, it opens every way imaginable, has a self-containing screen, and best of all, WILL PREVENT US FROM PAYING TO HEAT THE OUTSIDE.

I'm so in love I might just make out with them.





Anonymous said...

I'd love to see a picture! Please?

Kriston said...

I'm so excited...I totally understand how values change. I think we all might need a picture.

Anonymous said...

"Im so in love I just might make out with them" THERES a picture to post!

Candi said...

Yes, a picture of the beautiful windows?

the painsman said...

Even though you can't wear them, at least the new windows will add to the value of your home.

I will have to wait for an affair with new windows until next year, as anyday now, they will begin stripping down all the old tile and wood shingles under them and putting on a new roof here.
:-) $$$ :-(

Jen said...

Congrats!!! New windows will save you a FORTUNE!

If you do make out with them, just don't forget to bring along the windex :-)

Anonymous said...

My father did the same thing here two years ago. He also switched to florescent lights and saved both on electric and heating bills! Our house was built in the 60s but the original windows couldn't open, they had holes, pretty much the same problem you had.

Now our new ones are amazing and you can lift them without worrying whether or not they're going to slam shut on your hand!

Ray said...

LOL! They way you talk about it, it sounds like,"The WINDOW of ALL WINDOWS!" Haha. Glad you got the best of the best. And crazy to hear that it took THREE HOURS, just to take the old window out! I hope installing all the windows doesn't kill the guys!

I also have to agree with everyone else, a picture is indeed needed! ;o)

Take, care.

Kristin said...

I'm glad you're excited about them.
I'd probably be excited, too, if I had to pay gas bills, lol.


Erin in Scranton said...

Who knew you two would be so handy....