Friday, May 23, 2008

When infinity doesn't seem so desirable

Jerry came home yesterday afternoon saying that if we hit the lottery, the first thing he would invest in is a new service that freezes a sample of your dog's DNA and will make a clone when you request it for the low, low price of $100,000.

He spent the afternoon talking about how great it would be to know Toby could live on for eternity by freezing his genes and making one clone after another.

Our neighbor was over to continue work on the Great Window Extravaganza of 2008, and when the guys got hungry, I made them lunch, setting their sandwiches on an end table in the living room so they could eat while they worked.

Only a few minutes passed when Dave shouted, "Aw, TOBY!"

"What happened?" Jer asked.

"He ate my sandwich," Dave said, laughing.

Apparently Toby had stolen half of Dave's grilled cheese, ran away and horked it down before anyone could stop him.

"JESUS, TOBY!" Jer said, shaking his head, "and I wanted to CLONE YOU!"


Candi said...

LMHO, that is too great.

Lioncloud said...

Clearly, you are not feeding that poor dog properly, nor is he getting enough attention.


Erin in Scranton said...

Maybe clone him and the grilled cheese sandwich? What is it with dogs and cheese, any way?

the plainsman said...

Explain to Jerry that to truly be able to have the "real" Toby around on a continual basis, a new one would have to be born at mid body life of the original, so the first could teach the second all of the learned stuff about Kelly, Jerry and Allison, not just rely on the inherited genes.

That means he (and you) would have two Toby's around at all times!

LOL! And zero sandwiches.

Ray said...

Hahaha! Guess one Toby is enough! And I never heard of that dog cloning thing. I did however hear of them cloning a cat once. Still, that's crazy.

Kathy said...

Hi, I'm just wandered into your blog while browsing and that's too funny how quick he was to change his mind!! I love it.

Wendy said...

The dogs are so cute one minute, then the next thing you know you just want to toss them out the window.