Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Do The Hustle

When I was pregnant, Jerry did a radio broadcast at a pool company and the owner gave him a little rubber duck for Allison that lights up and flashes in red, green and blue when it's placed in water.

We call him Disco Duck.

Well, Disco Duck somehow made his way out of the bathtub and into the office where Alli was playing with him on the floor this morning.

And long after she had tired of him and moved onto other toys, I looked over and Disco Duck was lighting up in all his disco-y glory.

Allison's drool had saturated the carpet so intensely that it was enough for Disco Duck to swim in.

If only I had a pair of white vinyl bell bottoms.


Chelsea said...

We need photos of this disco duck swimming in Alli's drool!

Ray said...

Haha. That was cute! You're such a great writer. =o)

Kristin said...

I just read your last blog.
I wouldn't be able to hit any animals either. I just thank god that I haven't even taken drivers ed yet. Although, I'm taking it this winter and I'm very afraid of hitting animals. I wouldn't be able to forgive myself. I hate seeing animals suffer. I saw a clip of a factory farm/slaughterhouse on tv the other day and I couldn't even watch it. I bawled for half an hour. I haven't eaten meat in over two years and I just became vegan a few months ago, and I've learned that that's the best way to save animals. Did you know that a single vegetarian saves about 100 animals per year? =]


jsi said...

I can hear the Bee Gees now.

the_plainsman@xanga said...

Your duck lights up and blinks!!! I'm lucky that my plain vanilla version 1.0 still floats!

(Ah, are you sure that Toby was not by that spot just before...)