Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I actually remembered to aim my camera at other things

Over the weekend, Jer and I took a trip to New York
so I could attend my friend Courtney's baby shower.

While Jamie was busy helping with gifts, I got snuggle time
with her amazing daughter Hannah -- who I'm totally in love with.

This was by far the best gift of the bunch. Court's having a boy.
And images of "A Christmas Story" immediately came to mind.

Courtney and Annie did this to my belly at my baby shower,
so, well, it was a must. Because that's what high school friends do.

Later that night, my brother Sean stopped over bearing fun gifts
that Allison took an immediate liking to. Especially this crazy ball.

My grandma came over, too, providing four-generational fun.
Maybe five if you include Toby?

Later that night, we went to Courtney and Matt's house
where I was introduced to the Wii. (So awesome.
Totally want one.) Here is Jer boxing Matt's stepmom.

Because it was 90 degrees and humid,
we spent most of the afternoons in the pool.

All of my siblings and their significant others came over Sunday.

And, somehow, after the consumption of many pomegranate daiquiris,
gin and tonics, glasses of wine, and beers with varying degrees of
hops, my stepdad donned his John Deere trucker hat. This is the same
man who says things like, "I'm not buying my next Lexus from that woman."
So when he actually posed for a picture, everyone yelled out simultaneously:
And after reviewing the weekend's photos? Yeah, I totally agree.


Trish said...

Ok, I am a long time reader/lurker, I have commented a couple of times, but anyway I just HAD to mention that my two year old daughter wore that exact same bunny costume for Halloween and I still have it in great condition and am having a hard time trying to let it go on craigslist.com. You and your family is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Jerry looks like he is 12 in the Wii picture! It's awesome!

Dave said...

John Deere Man is Upon Us!!!!!

Lioncloud said...

Um....Aunt Glrr was not invited because......???????

Erin in Scranton said...

Just wanted to say that I noticed your swimsuit in the pool photo. Congrats, Kelly. You look terrific.

Gisela said...

i second the Nizz. You look great, and (sorry if this is embarassing) your boobs, while i guess all chewed up, look like they've remained larger than average. Jerry must have taken up praying!

Candi said...

This may seem a bit random but I love the color your living room walls are painted. Looks awesome with the fireplace.

The John Deere pic is too great.

kelly said...

Hate the boobs. Want my B cups back.

Ray said...

I loved all the photos:

-You MUST post a photo when Courtney's son's old enough to wear that, "Christmas Story" inspired outfit! HEHE! That's just great. =o)
-Hannah's beyond adorable! Bless her. And those blue eyes-----how beautiful.
-Love the generation photo. I think it's so great that Allison has not only her grandmother but also a great grandmother, still around.
-OMG does Jerry look SO YOUNG in that photo playing Wii!! Wow. He looks great (not that he didn't before, I loved his long hair).
-LOVE the photo with Allison and her Uncle Sean. That's just too sweet for words.
-Great photo of you and Allison in the pool. Love that hat she's got on and you look great. You should sign up for mommy and baby swimming classes. Allison's never too young to learn how to swim. ;o)

Well, take care.

NatalieDeltaGam said...

oh kel, your daughter is such a cutie..i love the pic of y'all in the pool!!

Jade =) said...

Completely random, but wow...congratulations on your daughter. I used to read your xanga way back when, and for some reason you popped into my head a few minutes ago so I decided to google (stalk) you and see what was going on in your life. Creepy, right? Anyway, yeah...I see things are going great...a beautiful daughter since the last time I read your blog...how amazing! Anyway, I'll stop being all weird now and go back to my own world again. Bless ya!

Jennifer said...

The one of the 4 generations looks like it could be a picture straight out of a magazine. Everything in it is perfect!