Thursday, June 26, 2008

I'm still having a love affair with my camera, honest

Judging by my comments, I've been seriously slacking in the photo department. I've been called out for not posting an image of my new purse, no picture of Alli in her Atlantic City getup and not even the dogs we were watching. Well, forgive me. I have no excuse. Especially because I had pictures of all of them.

So here. And I've included a few extras as a peace offering.

It doesn't quite have the same effect with the hoodie
over it, but you can still appreciate its awesomeness.

Bob is just about the most laid-back dog on the planet.
But his turds are are as big as one, too.

Willow is a lot more shy and skittish, but once she warmed up
to me, she was so loving. I considered not giving her back.

Allison loved watching the dog circus from the bench.

But the No. 1 dog in this house is still Toby The Great.

Allison and I play like this every morning.

I think Alli's researching her Halloween costume options.
She may want to dress up like laundry.

And, right now, my mom just said "Aww" out loud.


Maria said...

Awww! That last picture is so adorable!!

Erin said...

You're mom isn't the only one who just went "awww"

Emilee said...

There's nothing better than a flashy animal print shirt. :)

Anonymous said...


Ray said...

Awww, I love the photo of you and her playing in the morning. Sweetness. And you've got one helluavue cute kid there! You and Jerry did good, I tell you! Hehe. =) I also love that she can fit in the laundry basket almost perfectly.

I don't have any children but: "I know matter of factly that it's great having them that small." If only they could stay that way FOREVER though (it's great that you're capturing all these moments, because they grow up so fast). I love babies.

Well, take care.

grace said...

i don't know how allie gets cuter by the day??????!!!!!!

how is this possible??????????

and i love the leopard outfit! lol she's so stylin

Anonymous said...

Adorable kid as always!

Also, the pictures of the two visiting dogs are pretty nice too. Crystal clear.

Kristin said...

that last one is ADORABLE.

Lioncloud said...

So when are Allison and Toby coming to visit? Oh, yes, and Kelly and Jerry too. said...

Kids + laundry baskets = perfect together! Great photos, as always.

Tiffany said...

I think we ALL said "aww" outloud ;-)

erica said...

She seems like such a happy baby! Awesome pics

Traci said...

Larry the Cable Guy was talking about the similarities between his baby and his mother...
"You always dress [baby] girls up as old people. The other day, my little girl was wearing a purple spandex flowery pair of pants and a top with a basket of fruit on it as a design. My mom came around the corner wearing the same outfit [Reagan] had on!"

Love the pictures, so cute.