Saturday, June 14, 2008

MIght as well program the local police into my speed dial

The sound filtered into my consciousness slowly.


It was just loud enough to wake me, then it continued.


I opened my eyes in the darkness and concentrated on the noise.


"What the hell?" Jerry said, stirring himself. "What is that?"

It was a man outside our house. Barking.

We listened for a few more minutes, then I went downstairs to make sure he wasn't in our back yard -- it sounded that close. Nothing was out of place when I turned on the floodlights, so I returned to bed and told Jerry it was at least a few houses down.

"If it continues, I'm gonna call the cops," he said.

But someone beat us to it. As soon as it left Jerry's mouth, a patrol car passed by. Whatever the early morning issue, it was quelled and we went back to sleep.

Later the next afternoon, we couldn't help but realize we had become THOSE people.

People who instinctively decide to call the cops when there's any sort of noise in their neighborhood.

Next we'll be complaining about THOSE KIDS WITH THEIR ROCK AND ROLL MUSIC.


LeslieAnn said...

If you think that's bad... my boyfriend and I are like that. But we're 22 and 23. Hehehe. We like our quiet. At least during sleeping hours.

grace said...

HAHAHA well u guys have a good excuse tho, u have a baby in the house!! so not sure what would be worse, a man barking or a baby wailing from being woken up

btw that video was SOOOOOOOOOOOO cute OHEMGEE

Ray said...

Loved that last line. "NO, not you and Jerry!" =) Hehe. And a guy barking in the middle of the night calls for some justice (what a weirdo). Because everyone deserves their beauty sleep!