Monday, June 30, 2008

One thing, wa-one thing, leads to another

Apparently a landscaping project is a lot like a hot and heavy makeout session.

It's kind of like when you start kissing after an amazing first date, then you start wondering how and when you'll ... ever ... manage ... to ... stop.

Well, ripping out the tree-bush has been a lot like that. And twice as sweaty.

Once that horrific stump gave way, Jerry and I haven't been able to keep our hands off our yard. It's like that average-looking person who gets a new haircut and then, WOA! Hot! How didn't I notice THAT before?

Well, with the giant green monstrosity gone, that corner of our yard looks so full of potential. Like someone we'd bring home to meet our parents. Or, in this case, invite our parents over to visit.

But we didn't want to rush into anything without really thinking it through. Going all the way and ripping up the grass is a huge commitment. We'd be emotionally invested. And if it got ugly and turned into a huge disaster, we wouldn't be able to walk away. It's not like we just have to worry about those awkward run-ins where you're forced to give a polite nod and pretend nothing ever happened. I mean, we kind of live together.

On the other hand, simply filling in the hole with dirt and planting grass would've been so anti-climactic.

There was something there. We just knew it. It could be completely amazing.

So we decided to construct a patio.

The scary part is we've never done anything like that before. And the first time is always special, so we really wanted to make sure everything was right. We got new tools, talked to friends who have a little more experience, and even took a couple practice runs by sketching it out on paper.

Then the day came.

We woke up Sunday filled with anticipation. We wanted to start things out right, so I made a huge breakfast, then Jerry held the door for me as we walked outside.

The weather was perfect. It was quiet. No one else was around.

We tore at the grass.

Sinking the shovel in for the first time was a thrill. We were doing it. Really doing it. We were finally going to have a patio.

After manipulating the ground for hours, we collapsed onto a bench, sucking down water as fast as we could gulp.

It turned out perfectly.

Now we have a solid foundation to work with. A few more days and we'll be done.

But we're already dreaming of what comes next -- introducing some new plants, inviting people over to get in on the action, maybe getting some new cushions for the chairs to keep things fresh.

One thing's for sure: Our yard is HOT in the summer.


Melinda said...

So exciting! Manual labor is one of the most satisfying types of work, I think - power tools especially so. :)

What materials did you use for the patio? Brick, stone, Unilock? Did you have to order sand to make a nice foundation, or at least level the dirt?

Way to go!

Anonymous said...

You're DIRTY!

From the grass, that is.


LeslieAnn said...

Oooh, sounds enticing! Photos please!?

Ray said...

You're such an amazing writer. Wow. You really have a talent and you're so creative. It's something that'll inspire a lot of people, to someday become great writers (including myself) like you.

I love how you compared a landscaping project to a makeout session. Only you would think of something like that. Well, good luck on actually constructing the patio! =o)

Take, care.

Amanda said...

Bahahaha! So funny. Love it.

kmraz said...

So much fun with analogies...! Quite entertaining.

Kristin said...

That's so awesome!

-KrIsTiN- said...


Do I hear the refrain of "Garden Party" by September?

A good friend always throws one each year for all friends, semi-formal, fully catered (was his side business) as a thank you for all the parties they were invited to for the year (and his inside house stays immaculate, his wife loved it especially when the kids were babies).