Monday, June 2, 2008

Proof that I probably worry too much

Allison was baptized yesterday. Having only been to church a handful of times in my life, it was a very interesting process for me. I stressed like crazy trying to get everything right because I know it's important to Jerry. But, thankfully, everything went smoothly.

It took me and my mom 20 minutes to get Allison into her dress.

Slippery dress + wiggly baby = all-hands-on-deck situation.

But, aw, totally worth it.

Surprisingly, Allison did not scream at the top of her lungs.
You could've knocked me over with a feather.

Her socks and shoes (which my mom and I searched for weeks to
find the RIGHT ONES) stayed on for about 0.3 seconds. OF COURSE.

Because I am pumping exclusively right now, other people have
been able to feed Alli for the first time -- much to the delight of my
niece Emily, who spent the rest of the afternoon talking about it.

Afterward, we had a party at our house
and Allison loved playing with the big kids.

Alli loves the tickle game. (Pay no attention
to our pear/garbage bag tree in the background.)
I think everyone, including Little Miss, had a great time.


the_plainsman said...

Away for a couple days and just caught up. Glad the "mealtime situation" seems to have found resolution.

A great photo of you, Jerry and Allison, you and Allison and the rest of them. I like how your niece and the other kids are shown relating to her, too. And of course, the one of her in her new dress. Perfect.

its_just_ang said...

Love Jerry's new hair! Allison is so cute in her dress! Love yours, too, by the way. Glad everything went well.

chelsea said...

Jerry cut his hair?! Allison looks adorable! Congrats!

Erin in Scranton said...

Congrats on the smooth-sailing baptism. She's adorable in that dress.

Lioncloud said...

Who is holding Allison in the photo at the baptismal font? Allison is giving her a "Who the hell are you?" sort of look...


Janice said...

those are GORGEOUS pictures, Kelly! I loved them!

Gisela said...

1. Alli is freaking adorable-er.

2. You guys both look fabulous! Nice comeback, there!


Anonymous said...

kelly, you looked absolutely lovely!

Anonymous said...

Love the last photo! :)

Ray said...

That third photo is: "OH-SO-ADORABLE!!!" And you looked great in all the photos, Kelly (I liked the dress you picked out). I also love the family photo of you guys. You have a beautiful little family. Bless you all and your beautiful, "Little Miss."


P.S. The photo of Allison and the kids is wonderful. And the one with Emily feeding Allison is priceless.

Timberly said...

SO glad things went well with the baptism. She looks adorable.

PS Dan got his hair cut last week, and it's eerily similar to Jerry's new 'do.

Anonymous said...

you all are so cute! what a beautiful family!!! I love Alison's dress!

Anonymous said...

WOW! What a beautiful family photo! Allison looks soooo much like her daddy in that pic!!!

Kathleen said...

Wow. Did you have anything to do with making that baby? That face is all Jerry.

Just Me said...

Your family looks so beautiful. Glad everything went well.