Monday, July 7, 2008

Before and (almost) after

Here is Jerry and Alli, demonstrating the immensity of the tree-bush,
while Roger holds the chain saw. Thought bubble: "Yeah, we got this."

Sawdust still flying, Roger junks the branch I just powered through.

To prevent Allison from eating the grass, which she
apparently can't get enough of, I put her in a laundry
basket. Here, she's watching me trim a hedge.

Jerry unloads river rock pebbles -- the final step of our patio.
I don't have any photos of the intermediate steps because,
as you know, the toddlers demanded my full attention.

Placing the filler in between the flagstones.

And this is all I'm going to reveal as far as the patio goes. Everyone
knows a lady deserves to be in her best light, and it has been far too
gray and dreary to show off her best features -- like all those curves.


NatalieDeltaGam said...

what is that tree-bush? it looks like a crape myrtle or a rose of sharon--
great looking patio!

Heather said...

Yay! I love pictures!! Especially yours!

And that one of Alli in the laundry basket...classic! Also, the one with you weilding the chain saw...I could almost smell the sawdust!

Congrats on the uprooting of the tree-bush & the beauiful new patio! said...

Yes! Your expression when deftly wielding that chain saw matches the description of exhilaration in your recent post!

And Allison is totally absorbed by your trimming. And since you did not mention it, nice job to Jerry and Roger for mixing all that concrete under the flagstones!

gorakagaz said...

from what i can see of it, it looks awesome! congratulations on your new patio

Ray said...

Love the photo of Alli looking at you from the laundry basket. Can't wait to see the patio all done! =o)

Kraze4Wolf said...

Many years ago I sat with my daughter, she was born way too soon and was so very small. I was trying to nurse her for the first time in public. I had chosen a very quiet spot in the mall. As I was about to leave I saw that a very small elderly woman was approaching me. It seemed rude to just walk away after she had gone so far out of her way to make this path, so I sat and waited for her to see my baby. She asked how old she was and if she could see her. She touched her face so softly, the skin on her hands showing her age,her story, her life so sharply against my daughters soft new skin. Then she said,
"If there is such a thing as wisdom before knowledge, then this one, is wise. Remember this." She smiled and walked slowly away. I just sat there in awe, it was a moment. We are luck when we get them.It has always stuck with me and has proven true from the very start. My beautiful daughter is now 22, my best fried,she has fought cancer,she married her middle school sweetheart,(they just bought their first home)and she is a huge fan of yours. So tonight after all the endless times she told me of your blogs I checked it out.. and you took me straight back to that day.
Thanks! Cherish it all.. its goes really fast!
Dominique's Mom

Kraze4Wolf said...

(Well I just sent you a comment after reading Words of wisdom from a stranger.. and seem to have sent it to your Before and almost after... sorry.. new to this stuff. I would delete and resend if I knew how lol... )