Sunday, July 20, 2008

Casa Mama

So, despite the fact that I spent much of my vacation doing this,
I have very little to show for it unless you count the 5,000,000,001
pictures I took of my daughter and my brother Dave's new puppy.

But, um, YOU try to resist this 9-week-old snuggle muffin.
And, yes, I called him that. In a syrupy sweet voice over and over again.
Here is Dave introducing Tecmo to the water for the first time.

Jer predicted Tecmo's penetrating gaze and unwavering desire to cuddle
would win me over on getting another dog, but my prediction that Toby
would go apeshit prevailed. Now Jerry is convinced Tob is happiest solo.

The nicest part about being home for so long was getting
the opportunity to visit with family and friends. Allison
loved all the attention, especially from her grandma.

And great grandma. (And the list could go on and on.)

When we weren't swimming, we were gorging on wine and my mom's insane
cooking. The only way to describe the calibre of food we had is to say
that the worst meal I had the entire week was when we went out to eat.

And this doesn't quite do the hair justice, but I'd fear
the repercussions if I failed to post SOMETHING.
It actually looks annoyingly long in this picture when
there's absolutely nothing to it in the back.

What I don't have pictures of are the trip to a carnival with our friends and the amazing fireworks we saw. Or Jerry lovingly giving me the finger from 100 feet up atop the crazy slingshot swirly ride. Or my very pregnant friend Courtney and I laughing hysterically as we commandeered a men's room because she was desperate. Or getting barbecue sauce in my eyebrows when Jerry and I went to a local biker bar rib joint. Or squeezing into a packed theater to see Batman on opening weekend. Or my face when I had my mom's peach cobbler. Or her vegetable pesto pasta. Or her bacon-topped, blue cheese and walnut-stuffed chicken. Or spending an afternoon with family on my brother Joe's boat and docking at a little waterside cafe for daiquiris and a killer fish sandwich. Or getting a pedicure with my mom and spending an entire afternoon outlet shopping for fall clothes for Little Miss. Or even half of the visitors who stopped over to say hello just because we were in town.

Sure, it wasn't a cruise or a trip to a beach or even somewhere new, but it was without a doubt rejuvenating. At the end of the week, my grandma jokingly asked if we would consider coming back.

Without hesitating, Jerry set down his fork and gave the Casa Mama resort four stars.

I think all four of us -- Me, Jer, Alli and Toby -- wish we could've stayed another week.

OK, one more. Seriously, how cute is this dog?


Heather said...

Yay for pictures! =]

I love how you and Alli are making the same face in the last picture. And your hair looks fabulous!!

Dave said...

its tecmo...not techmo haha

i wish you coulda stayed another week too because i would have a lot more time for you guys this week =(

Anonymous said...

Wow, you look so much like your Mom. Lil Miss looks adorable as always, I love the pic of her behind the couch:) And awww that puppy is soooooooooo cute. Oh yeah and the new hair looks great, I bet it feels so much lighter:)

novelle360 said...

Eeep! Sorry Dave. Fixed.

Cindy said...

Love the hair! Post more pics of the back!

julie said...

I love your new hair cut! My mom is trying to pin us down for another trip to Rochester soon. I'll let you know when we have a date in mind. Sometime between now and Christmas we'll be there at the same time.

Randall said...

It all sounds so great - cute baby cute puppy and wine... what could be better?

Amanda said...

I cannot stand the absolute freakin' cuteness of that doggie. I'm goin' rip his lil' face off!

Anonymous said...

I love love love the pictures!
Glad you had such a great time.

The puppy is soooo cute. The second picture of the little cutie would end wars I tell you.


Jessica said...

Fun! Your hair cut looks great, we need to see pictures of the back now! It looks kind of similiar to the cut I got in February - it was so good I haven't had to get it cut since!

chelsea said...

As always, Alli is beyond adorable and so is your brother's puppy. I love your hair! I have the same hairstyle as your pro pic, well curly isn't really a style.., and was actually thinking a couple of weeks of going shorter to something like you have now, but I must ask: how the hell do you kill your curls so perfectly and does it take forever?

Anonymous said...

Your daughter? SO CUTE SO CUTE SO CUTE! Do you ever get tired of hearing that? :P

Kate in NC said...

Ah I love it! Sounds like a great time. Your mom is living proof that you're going to be beautiful for decades to come, Kelly!

Candi said...

WOW, Kelly, Alli looks JUST like you in the first photo of her! I see a lot of Jerry in many of her photos you've posted but, really, right there she's just you.

Cute new do! I'm glad to hear you had a great, rejuvinating vacation. Sometimes time with family is the best. Forget expensive resorts. :)

Well, we don't have to forget them entirely. :-D said...

THAT was a great VA-CA-TION!

The hair looks GREAT!

Tecmo is smaller that the cat guarding my PC; I wonder who'd chase who? LOL.

And the photo of you and Allison with the same expression is another keeper. :-)

caroline said...

sooo freakin adorable!

Ray said...

Casa Mama << how sweet! And that is a SERIOUSLY CUTE LOOKING DOG! I have to agree, hell I even want him. Great photos. Especially of the one with you and Alli. That'll be a classic for sure. And ohmygoodness her hair looks a bit blonde!

That photo of your mother and Alli is very sweet. And I can SO see you in your mother. What a resemblence.

Glad you had a great vacation.

Take, care.

P.S. I know you're busy and all but: I'd love to see your 8 month letter to Alli, if you have the time. =)

Anonymous said...

Love the hair, Kelly!! Thanks for sharing the pics, they're all great. I'm glad you guys had a really nice week.

Sheryl said...

Sounds like a marvelous week! And thanks for the pics. :)

Anonymous said...

Cute puppy.
Cuter baby.
Hot husband!!


Anonymous said...

Oooh, and I should add hotter brother...