Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Going B-A-N-A-N-A-S

Do you have any idea how many things start with the letter B?


Borrow my daughter for an hour and you'll find out.

Alli is still absolutely enamored with the sound "Ba." Sometimes it comes out with gusto, "BAAAA!" Other times it sounds like an instinct, muttered repeatedly to herself as she inspects something, "Bababababa." And sometimes it just escapes her mouth in pure exasperation, "Buh."

To help her understand that sounds are associated with words and objects, I started looking for things that start with "B" when she goes on her "Ba" tirades.


"Yes. Ba, ba, ball."


"Buh, buh, blue. ... Blue ball." (Followed by a silent chuckle. Because I'm so mature.)


"Buh, buh, blanket."


"Buh, buh, bear. ... Ball. Blue. Blanket. Bear."


"Lets go downstairs and have some BUH-nanas."


"Or maybe some berries. Would you like some BUH, berries?"

(Alli starts opening and closing her fist.)

"YES! Bye, bye bear! We're goin' to get some BUH-nanas! ... We'll be BUH-back soon!"


"BUH-nanas. Mmm."


"Um. BUH-banister. Right here on the staircase. See? BUH-banister."


"Yep. BUH-blue shirt. See mommy's BUH-lue shirt?"


"How about I'm BUH-breakin' my BUH-back to keep muttering BUH sounds. Can we try "Ma"? As in, 'You're MA-making Mommy a crazy person?' "


"Alright. We'll get some BUH-breakfast. But then you're getting a BUH nap and Mommy's going to read her BUH-book and try not to over enunciate all of the words that start with the letter B."


Ray said...

Hahaha. Cute entry. I can imagine how adorable she looks making that sound. =)

chelsea said...

The alphabet caterpillar toy from Leap Frog is great for different sounds. Each leg pronounces the letters, so maybe Alli can learn something more than Ba! Plus you can make it pronounce words that sound like truck! At least the old edition did that.

ajandmac said...

This is amazing and hysterical!

Thank you so much for posting throughout the different sections of your life, you have no idea how good it feels just to know there's someone else out there living, and making it...even when things are crazy.


aahcoffee said...

My son Landon who is now 20 months old still calls me Ba. And it comes out I've taken to referring to myself as Da Ba....which sounds like Da Bomb. Yep, that's right, my son calls me Da Bomb. Oh yeah, I'm cool.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she'll like that Eiffel 65 song "Blue". (I know we're all sick of it, but she might like the repeating of da's and ba's!)

julie said...

Did you tell her you were going to buh-blog about this?

the plainsman said...

Thought BUH-loon a-BUH-ve BUH-aby Allie's BUH-row, "Mommy, you used to speak so clearly, BUH-ut now I can't understand a word you are saying! BAAAAH!!"

Erica said...

Haha! My parents went through the same thing with me. Ba was my favorite sound right before I learned to talk. They have reminded me on several occasions just how much it drove them crazy.