Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I'm even allowed to leave the kitchen every once in a while

Conversation with a receptionist while scheduling a dentist appointment for me and Jerry at a new office:

"Please be sure to come 10 minutes early to fill out some paperwork."

"No problem."

"And do you have insurance through your husband's office?"

(Weighing my words carefully, trying not to go into a tirade about her setting back the feminist movement 50 years.)

"Actually, I have the insurance coverage for our family through my office. Would you like me to fax you a copy of our cards?"


fiona said...

Ok, so I've been patient. I haven't nagged. Even when I wanted to say something, I bit my tongue. But now...I can't do it anymore.

Cate said...

The nerve!

Good for you, though.

Ray said...

YOU GO KELLY! The feminist in me too would have burned with fury. Some people! Sheesh! Sometimes sadly, it still feels like women haven't gotten anywhere far. Especially when you have people like that.

Well, take care.

theZanyOne said...

What??!!!??? Do you get to wear shoes, too??? What's the world coming to?

Alana said...

This is sort of a random comment but I was browsing through Yahoo! news when I found something I thought you might be interested in... (here's the link)


It's an article about this ... "stuff" you can put on your phone that waterproofs it or something of that effect so that if you spill a drink or uhm drop it in the toilet it won't be completely fried. :-)

Amanda said...

You tell her! I have to admit though on occassion when someone says doctor I assume they're a man. Ewww...I got to work on that.

Chelsea said...

You go girl!

Kimberly said...

That happens to me ALL the time and I carry all of the family insurance since my husband is considered an independent contractor at the moment.

Tennille said...


the plainsman said...

I'm more than a little surprized at that kind of a comment and if I were her employer, I'd send them for retraining. It does not matter who's coverage, if any, is paying. Just ask for the card, Ms./Mr. Recepionist!