Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Even better? She's too young to beg for souvenirs

A few days before we were planning a trip to our local stadium to root, root, root for the home team, I started singing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" to Allison.

Then it dawned on me: No where in the lyrics does it mention anything about hauling a baby and a stroller and diapers and wipes and a change of clothes and toys and Cheerios.

There's a reason the song doesn't go like this:

Take me out to the ball game.
Take me out to the crowd.
Buy me some peanuts and Crackerjack;
I know our baby's crying, please cut us some slack.

When we got the tickets, I guess I sort of assumed we would get a sitter. I mean, how would we possibly enjoy the game while making sure Alli was content? Besides, it started an hour before her bedtime. And breaking routine is almost always a recipe for disaster.

But the day came and we hadn't made prior arrangements, so it was bring her or stay home. Feeling brave, we opted for the latter.

When we found our seats, Jerry turned to me and made a confession.

"I kind of have a prediction," he said. "I haven't said it out loud because I'm worried it'll come true, but I'm thinking she'll have a meltdown by the fourth inning."

"Really?" I said, genuinely surprised. "That late?"

I guess we didn't have high expectations.

But once again, our daughter proved us wrong.

Not only was she completely well-behaved, she also had fun and learned a few things in the process. Like if she hides behind my shoulder and peeks out and smiles at the people sitting behind us, she'll get a huge reaction.

And thus our little ham was born.

She also learned about the serotonin-boosting effects of crowd clapping, big furry mascots and how great gnawing on an apple can be. She enjoyed watching fullgrown adults stand up and go crazy for a guy with a T-shirt gun, being held high in the air to celebrate a home run and dancing to the music between innings.

Before we knew it, Jerry and I were fighting off yawns. It had been a long day and we both had to get up early.

Allison, however, was raring to go.

We made it past the fourth inning, but our meltdown came long before hers did.

On the way home, we raved about how much fun Alli was to have with us. I couldn't believe I ever thought for a moment we would've had a better time without her.

In my head, I revised the song lyrics again:

Take me out to the ball game.
Take me out to the crowd.
Buy me some peanuts and Crackerjack;
Babies are awesome, we'll definitely come back.


5 comments: said...

I have heard parents of kids of all ages say that just when you think you have figured them out, the suprise you with something new and unexpected and good. Allison is growing up so fast!

erica said...

I work part time as a cashier at a local grocery store while I'm in school, and I always encounter the strangest and most wonderfully interesting people. Today though, a woman carrying a baby boy came through my line. The baby had a rubber duckie that he started shoving into his mouth, and when he did the duck started lighting up and changing colors. I immediately thought "Disco Duckie!". So I just wanted you to know you've had an impact on my free association ; )

Anonymous said...

I am so glad it worked out great. Sounds like more wonderful memories were made.

Amanda said...

What a freakin' cutie! I imagine she charmed all your seatmates.

Anonymous said...

you have the most excellent baby ever! So cute! What a fun day!