Friday, July 25, 2008

Leaning on a list

There's nothing quite as creatively stifling for me as not being able to write about the main thing going on in my life.

And, at the moment, that's precisely the case.

It's nothing bad or even secretive or dramatic, but it requires privacy -- something writing for the web doesn't exactly provide.

The reason I'm pointing it out is because it feels a little forced to come up with something else, so instead, I thought I'd make a 10 random things list and hope that the inspiration bug bites me tomorrow.

Without second thoughts, here's what immediately comes to mind:

  1. I have a glass cup filled with pens and clicky pencils on my desk at home that I've had forever. It's the last remaining piece from a cheapo set my mom bought me for my first college apartment. The markers in it are just as old, but even though almost none of them produce color anymore, I haven't thrown them out because they remind me I need to get new ones. They're the perfect marker for adding color to birthday cards and notes, but apparently they stopped making them. Bust.
  2. A few nights ago, everyone in our entire neighborhood lost power except for our street. Jerry and I totally high-fived.
  3. I have two small dark splotches on my skin that popped up recently -- one near my right knee and one on my left shoulder. I know I need to get them looked at, but I'm stellar at putting things like that off. Unfortunately, I have a nagging feeling this shouldn't be one of those times.
  4. Polar bears live where it's cold.
    Lions like it hot.
    Tigers can run very fast.
    Hippos can not.
    ... Oh wait. Those are lyrics to a song on Alli's animal train. Right.
  5. I'm reading a sugar-coated chic lit book right now and with each page I turn, I can't help but think that if given the time, I could write one too. Something OTHER than fashionable city girls with a penchant for shoe shopping. God, I've read that book, seen that show, watched that move a MILLION TIMES. Small towns and green grass produce fabulous, interesting women, too.
  6. Normally when I eat at Wendy's, I'm all about a little grease. But a few nights ago when I ran out of time to pack something for dinner and wasn't feeling fries, I opted to get a combo meal with a side garden salad. And much to my surprise, it was DELICIOUS. Not all wilty and a few days old like I assumed it would be. Topped with oriental dressing? It skyrocketed to the top of my favorite things list.
  7. When my mom and I went for pedicures last week, I selected a color I'd NEVER buy in a million years. I figured bright neon pink would be something fun and different for summer without investing in an entire bottle. And wouldn't you know, I love it. I may just have to buy a bottle after all. And put it on my fingernails, too.
  8. Something is attacking our fabulous fruit-bearing pear tree. The top branches are turning brown and I'm devastated. I don't want it to die, but I have no idea what to do about it.
  9. I want to schedule our next vacation so I have something to look forward to.
  10. Jerry has a man crush on a meteorologist in our area. In fact, maybe I'll write about that tomorrow. Perfect.


fiona said...

Are you EVER going to be able to tell us what this thing weighing on your mind is?? LAST time this happened, you were very early in your pregnancy with Miss Alli...hmm.......
Brian refuses to have man-crushes...he thinks that makes him gay. Weirdo.

novelle360 said...

GAAAHHH! No! It's not that. Thank GOD.

Wendy said...

For the tree, contact an arborist. Check with a local gardening store and they can probably recomment a few.

sarahhhh said...

hippos can probably run faster then me.

i want to have a grapefruit tree.

our weather people out here are odd. they act like the same weather everyday is new. like, "looks like it's gonna be 110 degree today. hot golly gosh! better rethink that sweater!" -- yeah, like i was gonna wear a sweater because yesterday only made me die of heat stroke.

Anonymous said...

our pear tree is doing the same thing...someone said it wasn't getting enough water and another said it probably has some sort of's still hanging on after we treated it for both, i think.

Emilee said...

I just want to urge you to get the spots checked out, even if they turn out to be nothing. It's much better to be safe than sorry. Coming from someone who has gone through a cancer scare that started with a little mole, it's really important to get those checked out as soon as possible. Putting it off can only do more harm than good if it is something dangerous. Just wanted to let you know. Take care.

Ray said...

Funny, how you write that whole list and in the end you find your entry for tomorrow. Can't wait to read about Jerry's man crush! =o)

-This probably sounds silly but: maybe the two splotches on your right knee & left shoulder are just new birth marks that appeared (maybe...?). Still you should get it checked out.
-I'd love to read any book that you wrote. Get to it, girl! And I bet it would be on the bestseller lists.
-It's always fun to plan ahead of time for a vacation. What do you have in mind?

Well, take care.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that by the time Alli is old enough to comprehend what polar bears are, they will likely be nearly extinct...

Anonymous said...

THE main thing going on in your life, you're a writer and it's not a secret, but private. Hm. Seems oxymoronic somehow. I feel your discomfort.
Do get the spots looked at, on the tree and on your skin, the sooner, the better.

Marcy said...

I think hippos can run pretty fast, actually. At least fast enough to be really dangerous to people. I remember reading that they harm/kill more people per year than lions and tigers do.

Have you read Jane Green or Cecelia Ahern? Chick lit that's a bit less Sex-and-the-City-ish. Ahern's books can be a bit over-the-top sugary sometimes, though P.S. I Love You was FABULOUS. I also liked The Undomestic Godess, written by Sophie Kinsella under a pen name that I can't remember (why do writers do that? Seems silly, once you're already famous and they put your real name on the cover anyway).

ashley said...

do get the skin spots checked out, although, they're probably either just sun spots or age spots. However, my mom had a few spots on her face, and after waiting for over a year, they turned out to be skin cancer, so don't wait too long!

as for the tree, well, i have a black thumb, so i'm no help there.

cafechick80 said...

It's ok to keep some things private...and the exact reason why you should write a book:

"Small towns and green grass produce fabulous, interesting women, too."

I'm interesting. Write about me! haha

Just kidding. Happy writing Kelly!

the plainsman said...

To "List Leaner":

1. Check out artist supply or drafting store, they have thousands of colored markers, all sizes, brands and colors!

2. Electric Power Company has your street on Premium Service Plan and billing you at regular. Woot!

3. Get skin stuff checked out first thing. Nuf said.

4. National Geographic says Hippos are faster than you think and do not have pleasant dispositions.

5. The book thing, small town setting super!, at least sketch out outlines when you can, like J.K.R., write it out later when you can work your magic with words.

6. & 7. Tastes do change, be boring if they did not!

8. A qualified arborist (not chain saw expert) can answer the pear tree thing, and for free. Try your County Agrigultural Agent, or State Ag. School; they are a wealth of information.

9. Next vacation already! Why not?

10. LOL!

This the long way of saying I hope all goes as well or even better than you wish for!

Anonymous said...

The cicadas have rendered many a fruit tree top brown.