Saturday, July 12, 2008

Someone hand me a margarita and a trashy novel stat!

Right now, as of this very moment, I am on vacation.

Man it feels good to say that.


We're visiting New York for the week, and although I would be perfectly content to waste my hours away laying by the pool, we have at least one thing planned each day. I tried my hardest to outline a trip itinerary to make sure we didn't miss an opportunity to do something simply because we thought we'd have time later in the week and never got around to it.

But, well, apparently I'm just not an itinerary type of gal. I fall somewhere between planning and chaos with a dash of spontaneity.

Which apparently translates to a scrawled list of notes and dates jotted in pencil on the back of an envelope buried in the folds of my purse. Right next to a teething ring, a gas receipt and my cell phone charger.

Of course I'm most looking forward to spending time with my family and friends, but there's an arts festival and an outdoor jazz concert and a girls-only outlet shopping trip in there, too. Plus, Jerry and I even get to go out on an actual date and eat a meal that isn't spent trying to talk to each other in between taking turns picking up toys that have been launched from a high chair to the floor. Just typing that made me pee a little.

I'm not sure whether I'll have the urge to write regularly throughout the week or whether I'll want a break from blogging too, so I'm going to leave that up to whatever mood strikes me.

But, either way, I'll be back soon.

Vacations never last long enough.


Kaz said...

Have a lovely vacation. We've just been away in our campervan around lancashire - Northern England in the rain but it was our holiday so we had a wonderful time anyway.

If your anything like us if we go out without our 14 month old then we feel like something is kind of missing. I kind of miss the funny little things she does and of course the picking up of toys and her food out of my hair etc. Then of course there is the attention she gets of people we meet as she entertains them too.


Kaz x

Anonymous said...

Have a great vacation!!


Candi said...

I hope you have a blast. And if you break from blogging, I still hope you have a blast. :)

Emale said...

I hope you do! Have fun on vacation!

S said...

Enjoy your vacation and your date night! Can't wait for mine!

house painting plainsman said...

Enjoy the "V-A-C-A-TION" and blog when you feel like it or not. And a chance for a date, too! Enjoy it ALL! (My vaction = painting the house!)

erica said...

Very true. My vacation from work will consist of having my wisdom teeth removed, so I hope yours is more enjoyable : ).

Really though, have a lovely vacation!

Kristin said...

Vacations never last long enough...yeah, you're tellin' me.
Summer vacation for me started on June 19th, and it feels like it's only been a week, but it's already the middle of July. Ridiculous, I tell you. Although, it's probably because of the retarded 500 page book I have to read for Honors English and the character in conflict essay I have to write about it with the 15 grammar worksheets and the 12 effing essays I have to write for AP Biology from a textbook that I can't even understand one word of. Or maybe it's because my dog of 8 years died today, or maybe it's because my girlfriend, oh I mean ex-girlfriend, is a douchebag and thinks we have a fighting problem.

sorry about that.
I'm kind of ticked off at the moment.

Have a good vacation Kelly.


adifferentkindofbeautiful said...

Have fun!

Julie said...

Figures. I just drove home from Rochester today. My belated shower was yesterday.

One of these days we'll coordinate our visits.

chelsea said...

Enjoy your vacation! It seems like whenever you go to New York, I had just come back from New York!

Jennifer Suarez said...

Enjoy! I'm from the syracuse NY area so you'll probably be in my neck of the woods. Have fun, the weather is supposed to be nice all week.

Ray said...

Have a great vacation (my mom's on vacation this week as well)! And I want the details on that girl's only outlet shopping trip, when you come back. =o)

Take, care.

ajandmac said...


Enjoy you're freaking night out alone with Jerry in NY!